Coming to Grips with Grammar

Coming to Grips with Grammar in English K-10

Coming to Grips with Grammar in English K-10 is offered via Moodle our on-line learning system. Moodle resources include audio PowerPoint presentations, videos, exercises, readings and weblinks. There are also opportunities for participants to interact and to exchange ideas and resources. The classroom-based assignment is optional although participants are encouraged to complete it.

This module is one of three modules making up the Knowledge About Language unit. Successful completion of all three modules in this unit (including the optional assignment in each) may enable participants to apply for academic credit to the postgraduate coursework program in the School of Education.

As a result of completing this module, participants will:

  • Better understand the approach to grammar that underpins English K-10.
  • Have an extended knowledge about the English language, particularly with respect to language for expressing content-related meanings.
  • Be familiar with a range of strategies for teaching grammar in context.
  • Have begun to implement the grammar requirements of English K-10 in their classroom contexts.

Next commencement date: TBA

Registrations close: TBA