Double degrees

A double degree or double major lets you pursue more than one area of study. Having a dual qualification will help ensure your knowledge is relevant to many different employers and will make you more competitive in a crowded job market.

The best of both worlds

UOW double degrees open the door to a variety of career opportunities within existing and emerging industries. But double the reward doesn't mean double the effort. A double degree program can get you more world-class UOW qualifications in less time than it would take to complete separately. And with 490 combinations, you can find the perfect match to start building your ideal future.

UOW undergraduate double degrees

Meet Brooke

I chose UOW because of the flexibility of the law degree and the range of double degrees. I also liked its emphasis on practical experience, particularly the compulsory internship. I am currently working as a paralegal at a local firm. Being able to work in my desired field prior to graduating has enabled me to better understand the realities of a law firm and put the skills I’ve learnt at uni into practice.” Brooke Lawyer at Acorn. Bachelor of Laws - Bachelor of Arts (Psychology).

Benefits of a double degree

When your passions lie in more than one area, don't choose between them – study both. You'll experience numerous benefits, including:

  • Gaining variety within your studies, with complementary qualifications that exhibit your many skills, interests and strengths.
  • Graduating sooner. Double degrees are typically completed one or even two years faster than two separate degrees, without compromising your learning.
  • Becoming future-ready, with the knowledge and flexibility to adapt to a variety of industries, both existing and emerging.
  • Developing the real-world skills employers want and the confidence to succeed outside the classroom.
  • Expanding your career options.

Double majors

There are many double major combinations available for UOW bachelor degrees.

A double major lets you explore different interests, or customise your study to suit a particular career specialisation. In some cases you will still complete your degree within the normal duration.

Example double major combinations:

  • Biology and Chemistry
  • Creative Writing and English Literatures
  • History and Politics
  • eBusiness, and Network Design and Management
  • Finance and Accountancy
  • Mining and Environmental Engineering
  • Public Relations and Marketing

Find the course and the majors that are right for you.

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