ATAR-based admission

For most high school students, entry to UOW is determined by the result you achieve in your final years of school. These results are usually from an Australian Tertiary Academic Rank (ATAR), an International Baccalaureate (IB) score or an equivalent interstate or offshore international qualification. All high school students applying for university must apply through the University Admission Centre (UAC) to be considered for entry.

ATAR and Selection Rank

ATAR + Adjustment Factors = Selection Rank (SR)

Your ATAR is an indication of your performance across the best 10 units completed in your HSC, including the compulsory two units of English. Your performance is measured on your raw exam marks and your moderated school assessments, then scaled and ranked in relation to other students, including your entire Year 7 cohort.

The way ATARs are calculated is complex. Find out more at the UAC ATAR website.

ATARs are released by UAC in December each year, and although most students have already locked in their university course preferences in the UAC application system by then, you can change them if you need to.

UOW always advises you to make sure your first preference is the course you are most passionate about, followed by courses that are just as interesting to you. Never put a course on your UAC preferences that you don’t want to study and never choose a course just based on your ATAR results.

The UOW Course Finder provides details of over 200 undergraduate degrees offered across our nine Australian campuses. It includes information on the ATAR-SR and International Baccalaureate (IB) scores you need to gain a place in the degree, plus any other requirements for admission such as auditions or interviews.

The score for guaranteed entry into most UOW degrees is listed as ‘ATAR-SR’ and ‘IB’ (International Baccalaureate). You may meet the score listed using your ATAR or IB alone, or your Selection Rank (your ATAR including adjustment factors).

However, due to some courses having limited places the score listed may not provide guaranteed entry. We have noted where this applies on the relevant degrees. For these degrees, the scores shown (‘ATAR-SR’ and ‘IB’) are the minimum scores required for consideration in these degrees.

Adjustment factors

If you are an HSC student, you can have a maximum of 11 adjustment points added to your ATAR to calculate a Selection Rank (SR) for most UOW degrees. Your SR will be used to assess your eligibility for guaranteed entry into most UOW degrees.

If you are studying the International Baccalaureate (IB) i your IB score will be converted to a Combined Rank. To find out more, read University applicants with an International Baccalaureate Diploma - UAC. Any adjustment points you are eligible for will be added to your Combined Rank to calculate a Selection Rank.

Bachelor of Pre-Medicine Science and Health

If you are applying for the Bachelor of Pre-Medicine Science and Health and are from a regional or remote area*, you can have a maximum of 16 adjustment points added to your ATAR to calculate a Selection Rank (SR).

*As classified by the Australian Standard Geographical Classification – Remoteness Area (ASGC-RA)

UOW ATAR adjustments

Catchment Adjustments

If you go to school in UOW’s catchment area or in regional NSW, you are eligible for 3 adjustment points. When you apply through UAC, these points will be automatically added if your school is eligible.

Please note that eligibility is determined by your school’s location, not your residential location (if different).

See if your school is eligible

Subject Adjustments

If you do well in an HSC subject that is relevant to the UOW degree you'd like to study, you can earn up to 3 adjustment points – because we know those who do well in relevant subjects are usually well-prepared for a related degree at uni. These points will be automatically added when you apply through UAC.

Calculate your subject adjustments

Equity Adjustments

You may be eligible for up to 5 ATAR adjustment points for your UOW preferences through UAC’s Educational Access Scheme if:

  • you have experienced significant educational disadvantage in your preparation for uni (for example disrupted schooling, financial hardship, illness, disability, refugee status and socio-economic disadvantage)
  • your educational performance has been seriously affected by circumstances beyond your control, and
  • you are in Year 12, and
  • you are a domestic student (an Australian citizen, a New Zealand citizen or a permanent resident of Australia, including a holder of an Australian permanent resident humanitarian visa).

Find out how to apply for equity adjustments through UAC or speak to your high school career adviser.

Elite Athlete Adjustments

If you have been classified as an elite athlete through the Australian Institute of Sport Elite Athlete Education Network (EAEN), you may be eligible for 3 adjustment points.

To be considered for Elite Athlete adjustment factors, applicants must:

  • Apply for Early Admission or admission through UAC, and
  • Submit a form to UOW with evidence of sporting attainment against eligibility criteria.

The Dean of Sport will assess the applicant against eligibility criteria and notify SASD of the outcome. Learn more about this opportunity and find the application from the Elite Athlete Program page.

Veterans’ Dependants Adjustments

If you are the dependent or spouse of an Australian Defence Force veteran and applying for a UOW undergraduate degree, you can apply for up to 3 adjustment points.

To be considered for the adjustment factors, you must:

  1. Submit your application to study via UAC
  2. Complete and submit the UOW Veteran Scheme form