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Helping all students improve their academic language & learning

Learning Development offers free resources, seminars and personalised consultations to enrolled students seeking to improve their academic performance. Consultations are available in person (when health safety restrictions allow), online via Zoom (or preferred video conferencing medium), by email or by phone. Students and academic staff can explore the available resources and services relevant to their students’ needs and interests through the links below, or contact us for more information (see contact information in the footer of the page).

Online drop-in consultations with UOW academics

Learning Development academics are available for short consultations (up to 30 minutes) through online drop-in sessions at the Learning Co-Op. This support can help students with understanding your assessment task, evaluating sources, referencing and avoid plagiarism, academic writing, critical thinking, and analysis and argument.

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Extended consultations with UOW academics

Students from all campuses can book a free consultation (up to one hour) with a Learning Development academic on understanding assessment tasks, use of academic language, thesis writing or maths and stats. These are available in person (when health safety restrictions allow), online via Zoom (or preferred video conferencing medium), by email or by phone. Further details on what to expect from a consultation is below.

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Studiosity: 24/7 draft feedback and short question chats

Free for UOW students, Studiosity is a third-party service that can be used to receive fast (within 24 hours) feedback on your drafts or to submit a question and be connected to one of their relevant staff to chat in real-time (up to 20 minute sessions). Questions can be on writing, research, referencing, study skills, or foundational mathematics & science concepts. Access Studiosity through your subject Moodle site.

information and FAQS about Studioisity


Learning Development consultation, seminar and resource information

The Learning Development team offers a range of services and resources designed to help students succeed in their studies.


Learning Development lecturers specialising in Academic Language and Learning can help you to:

  • understand assessment requirements
  • develop an argument
  • structure an essay or report
  • improve your academic writing
  • work with research sources
  • understand referencing
  • prepare an annotated bibliography

Drop-in (15 minutes to half an hour)

Register for an extended consultation (up to one hour)


The Study, Write, Present (SWP) seminar series explains academic expectations and advises students in relation to studying, writing and speaking in the university context. Topics covered include effective study strategies, efficient reading strategies, analysing the assignment question, essay and report writing, using evidence and referencing.

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  • Study, Write, Present Moodle site: Online self-paced resources from the Study Write, Present seminar series. Self-enrol in this site to access resources on effective study strategies, effective reading strategies, analysing an assignment question, finding and evaluating information, referencing and much more. Includes helpful examples on writing in academic style, paraphrasing and sentence structure.
  • Handouts: Explore the range of files on academic study matters, such as time management, note-taking, writing, avoiding plagiarism, preparing for exams etc. The documents are in Portable Document Format (PDF) format, for you to browse through, download onto your computer or print out from this site. For guidance on avoiding plagiarism, visit the Plagiarism page.


Our specialist Maths and Statistics lecturers offer individual and group maths consultations to students in all faculties, including help to understand concepts and work through exercises.

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(up to one hour) or email us for more information.


A series of subject-specific Maths and Stats seminars is available to assist students develop their capacity and confidence.

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  • Maths topics note resourcesbrush up on your mathematical and statistical skills using notes for topics including fractions, algebra, logarithms, factorising, trigonometry and volume of shapes. All resources have worked examples and there are exercises together with worked solutions for you to practise with.
  • Statistical literacy modulesstatistical literacy is an extremely important skill to develop because in everyday life you are constantly exposed to information from surveys and scientific experiments which are designed to tell you something about the society we live in. These modules aim to help you make sense of and critically evaluate all this information with which you are presented. The Statistical Literacy modules are available by self-enrolling in the Moodle site. They cover:
    • Module 1: Producing data
    • Module 2: Describing, clarifying and presenting data and
    • Module 3: Interpreting data
    • Module 4: Introduction to Excel

The Moodle site also contains new animations to assist with statistical calculations, information on choosing the correct hypothesis test, and an online introduction to Excel seminar based on this workbook.

  • Maths refresher modulesyou can self-enrol in the Maths Refresher Moodle site to work through interactive activities that revise core mathematical skills. These include order of operations, a set of three fraction animations (manipulation, multiplying and dividing, and adding and subtracting), rearranging formulae, and simultaneous equations. Most of the modules have quizzes so you can test your understanding.
  • Recordings of remote delivery seminarsseminars that are run during remote delivery have been recorded. You can access them on the Learning Development Maths and Stats self-enrol Moodle site (videos, slides, feedback questionnaires, and links to the live version of the seminars can all be found there. The site also contains information on consultations and seminars for regional campus students).

Thesis writing consultations

One-to-one thesis writing consultations are available for HDR, postgraduate and undergraduate students working on major research projects.

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(up to one hour) or email us for more information.

Thesis writing seminar series

Postgraduate research students are encouraged to attend the thesis writing seminars organised through GRS. This series is now offered using Zoom. We cover a range of topics, including how to write a proposal, how to write a literature review, and how to organise chapters. 

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Thesis writing resources

Resources providing general guidance on researching, thesis structures and examples of common elements are available on our common thesis structures page.

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Contact us

All students at any campus can access any of the services we offer. Please contact us below or refer to your specific campus webpages for regional or metropolitan Learning Development academics.