Digital literacy support

What are digital literacies?

Think about the things you do online. They might be things you are just learning to do, or things that are so much a part of your life that you barely stop to think about them. These are YOUR digital literacies.

They help you to live, work, learn and play in your online life and your real life.

What can we do for you?

Everyone has differing levels of skill and confidence when it comes to navigating digital tools and spaces. We have a range of self paced resources to help support you.


The Digital Skills Hub helps you evaluate your digital capabilities and develop new skills so you can feel confident you have the digital skills needed to thrive in your future career. It contains:

  • A self-evaluation ‘Discovery Tool’ to rate your confidence across six areas of digital capability. You also get a personalised report of your current digital skills, including suggested next steps and resources.
  • LinkedIn Learning, which gives you access to a huge library of support videos and courses to help you develop a specific digital skill.
  • Information about digital capabilities, why they're important, and what they look like in real life.
  • Help resources, FAQs, and the opportunity to submit a query for further support.

Find the Digital Skills Hub in your subject Moodle site and in the Useful Links menu on Moodle.

Visit the Digital Skills Hub

You can also find self-paced learning resources in the Learning Co-Op, covering topics including:

  • using digital tools for creative production and presentations
  • understanding how to manage your online data and digital footprint
  • finding trustworthy information online
  • remixing and reusing digital content
  • sharing resources
  • collaborating using online tools and spaces.


For resources, contacts and further information go to Digital Literacy Information for Staff.