Student Systems

Offshore Student Systems

Your UOW user account

Your UOW username and password is your key to accessing important online resources (on campus and at home).

If you’ve forgotten your UOW username or password, you’ll be able to recover your username or reset your password online.



Your UOWMail account is accessible 24 hours a day from any computer and is the preferred email account that you will receive important notification from the University of Wollongong about your course.

It’s important to check your UOWMail account regularly to make sure you don’t miss out on any important information.



SOLS is where you will manage your enrolment (e.g. change and enrol in subjects).

You can use SOLS when you need too:

  • Updating your personal details
  • Manage your enrolment record (including enrolling in your subjects each session)
  • Viewing your results
  • Academic Consideration
  • Access your e-learning sites
  • Checking your SOLS mail

It is also one of the key ways the University will communicate with you through SOLSMail messages. It’s a good idea to get into a habit of checking your SOLSMail regularly.

UOWMail and SOLSMail are two different things. You need to check both regularly. 



 Moodle is the main e-Learning tool where you will find your subject resources, submit assignments and more. You will have a Moodle page for each subject you are enrolled in. You should access Moodle from within SOLS. If you need help with your Moodle site, just ask your tutor or subject coordinator for some help.