Academic consultations

Types of consultations

Short consultations: online drop-in sessions (Mon & Wed)

If you have a quick question that you would like to ask an Academic, join one of our short online sessions. If necessary, you may be encouraged to book an extended consultation.  

Extended consultations by appointment only (Mon to Fri. Up to 1 hour max.)

Students from all campuses can book a free consultation with an academic on assignment writing, English language, research writing and maths.

To register for an extended consultation:

What can I expect from a consultation?

Assignment writing

Students requiring high level advice on disciplinary assignments can access a consultation with an academic language and learning lecturer. Please note that consultations cannot be used for proof reading or editing assignments. Consultations may only be used to receive feedback in your written work and learn how to develop independent strategies for improving your study and writing.

The assignment writing consultants can help you with:

  • Interpreting complex assignment questions
  • Developing a research and writing plan
  • Advice on writing effective assignments
  • Help with analysing and producing disciplinary language
  • Selecting and using appropriate referencing styles

English language

  • Feedback on your English language expression in assignments
  • Help developing strategies for improving your comprehension of course material
  •  Help developing language learning strategies to improve your proficiency in English

Library (available for postgraduate, PhD and honours students)

  • Exploring specific information needs
  • Accessing relevant resources for your assessments
  • Managing your references

Mathematics and statistics

  • Help revising topics or studying new ones
  • Assistance in working through exercise sheets
  • Improving problem solving and revision skills
  • Individual or small group consultations for students
  • Specialist statistics lecturer

Who we are

Our Learning Development lecturers are experienced academics from a variety of backgrounds. They can offer advice on writing, structuring your assignments, referencing, giving presentations, maths and stats, study methods, and understanding assignment questions. Watch the video to meet a couple of Learning Developers, and see how they can help you with your studies.

Hi. I'm Dr Leonie Watson. I'm part of a team of Learning Development academics here at UOW.

I work with students in any course who are looking for study skills advice or help with their assignments. I can offer advice on writing, structuring your assignments, referencing, giving presentations, and probably the most common problem of all is understanding the assignment question so that you can respond to it appropriately.

I have a lot of experience working with students from all faculties, from first year through to phd level. Learning developers don't mark your assignment, but can give you feedback, so you can feel comfortable talking to us and getting academic advice. Often a student has a lot of ideas but can't express what they want to say. If you're stuck we can help you.

And I'm Dr David Hartley. We have maths and stats support for students here too. I'm here to help you overcome any maths blocks you may have and understand what you need to do for your assignments.

Just go to the webpage for the Learning Co-Op and click on academic consultations to find us. We have drop-in sessions or extended consultations available. Throughout the session we also deliver some seminar series on academic skills, maths and stats, and others. Our Learning Development lecturers are available to help you.

Meet our Learning Developers


David is a mathematician and assists students across all faculties with their maths and stats skills, working with primary educators, business students, engineers, mathematicians and others. He has a PhD in geometric analysis and will talk to you at length about moving surfaces if allowed. David is available for consultations.

Mathematician David


Leonie has a background in creative arts, humanities, science and education, with further experience supporting students from law, nursing and social work. She works with students at all levels of study. Working with students to develop their academic writing and all aspects of their study is her favourite part of her job.Leonie is available for consultations and you might also find her in the drop-ins.



Russell gains satisfaction from working with students, of all levels and standards, to help them achieve better results. He is down-to-earth, with a warm and welcoming personality and wide experience across disciplines.

Profile photo Russell Walton


Catriona’s academic background is in applied linguistics and English language teaching. One-on-one, she works with students from all disciplines and at all levels of study, from undergraduate to HDR. She has particular experience teaching undergraduate and postgraduate Engineering students to develop and improve their academic and research communication skills. Catriona is currently studying Italian online, so has a great appreciation of how lonely remote study can seem! She is available for booked appointments on Mondays, Tuesdays and (occasionally) Wednesdays and you might also find her in the drop-ins.

Register for a consultation

To register for a consultation, please complete the below:


What happens next?

Once you have registered, information will be sent to your email to enable you to join the meeting with the Academic at the scheduled time.

Consultations will be conducted through a variety of mediums such as Webex Meetings, Zoom Video Conferencing, Zoom Meetings, Skype, Email or Phone. You will be asked to nominate your preference when you register to enable us to provide a service tailored to your needs.

For more information on how Webex and Zoom meetings operate click on the link below. You will not be required to download Zoom or Webex to your computer to be part of a consultation.