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The Learning Co-Op provides online resources and guides for your studies, workshops, access to Peer Academic Coaches and Academic Consultations to support you with your learning at UOW.

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Want to learn how to do tricky things in Excel, discover strategies for managing your time, or create eye catching visual content? The Digital Skills Hub gives you access to LinkedIn Learning, which you can use to learn specific skills or software that are important for your success.

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There's so much to learn when it comes to succeeding through your studies, but our Knowledge Centre is here to help.

Access guides, resources and key information to hit your study targets – all available online, 24/7.

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Assigment Calculator is a tool to guide you in planning your assignment and searching for the right study resources.

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Get the skills you need to thrive in the digital world. Find your digital strengths and identify learning goals with the Discovery Tool, access FAQs and support resources, and learn about what digital capabilities mean for your life and future career.

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Tools and resources for students studying in an online learning environment.

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The Learning Co-Op Online resources is a UOW Student Services and Amenities Fee funded project.