Robert Hope Memorial Prize

To celebrate the life and contribution of the University's founding Chancellor, the Chancellor Robert Hope Memorial Prize is awarded to a student who demonstrates exceptional academic performance, outstanding leadership, and significant contribution to the University and/or the wider community.

Recognising you for going above and beyond

The recipient of the Prize will receive:

  • The Chancellor Robert Hope Medal; and
  • A monetary prize of $7000
  • A $3000 donation to one or more charitable or community organisations selected by the recipient.*
    • * Suitable organisations must be considered a ‘Deductible Tax Recipient' by the Australian Taxation Office and are subject to approval by the Chancellor Robert Hope Memorial Prize selection committee.

Nominations are open for 2024

Students can be nominated by a University staff member, fellow student, or students can self-nominate.

Nomination form (PDF)

Please submit the completed nomination form to by 5:00pm AEDT, Monday 18 November 2024.


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Eligibility and selection criteria

To be eligible for the Chancellor Robert Hope Memorial Prize, students are required to:

  • Be eligible to graduate (having completed all course requirements) in the current calendar year with a Bachelor degree from UOW
  • Have completed at least 96 credit points at UOW
  • Demonstrate academic excellence. Academic excellence can be measured through a variety of indicators including but not restricted by, a weighted average mark (WAM) of 80* or above, contribution to their field of study, academic excellence relative to a student’s academic journey
  • Demonstrate an exceptional contribution to the University community and/or the broader community
  • Demonstrate outstanding leadership qualities
  • Have the capacity to become an ambassador for the University

* The Selection Committee will calculate the WAM for each student using the following formula: Sum of (credit points x mark) / Sum of credit points. Students who are unsure if they will achieve a WAM of 80 when taking into account their marks for Spring are encouraged to apply regardless, as this criteria will be used as an indicative measure only.

How to nominate

Complete the Nomination form (PDF) and submit it to by 5:00pm AEDT, Monday 18 November 2024.

  • 2022 - Jacob May
  • 2021- Joint winners: Loureene Kelly and Katana Murphy
  • 2020 - Meg Cummins
  • 2019 - Narayan Khanal
  • 2018 - Jessica Kiekebosch-Fitt
  • 2017 - Daniel Simpson
  • 2016 - Mr Thomas Curran
  • 2015 - Ms Jessica Sparks
  • 2014 - Mr Lloyd Niccol
  • 2013 - Joint winners: Mr John Kitchener and Mr Michael Seaborn
  • 2012 - No prize was awarded
  • 2011 - Joint winners: Mr Tairan (Kevin) Huang and Ms Sarah-Jane Cooper.
  • 2010 - Joint winners: Mr Ismet Huseyin and Mr Matt Dallas.
  • 2009 - No prize was awarded
  • 2008 - Joint winners: Ms Teena Downton, Ms Teesha Downton, Mr Cameron Ferris and Mr Benjamin Moffitt.
  • 2007 - Mr Patrick Hodder 
  • 2006 - Winner: Mr Marcel Gordon. Runner Up: Ms Jacqueline Furtado.
  • 2005 - Ms Danielle Murphy Durland
  • 2004 - Winner: Ms Yayaa Tsamenyi. Runners Up: Mr Hadeel Dabbagh and Mr Shane Lauf.

Justice Robert Hope was the University of Wollongong’s founding Chancellor. Justice Hope commenced as Chancellor at the University of Wollongong in 1975 and served the University for 22 years. He is credited with playing a crucial role in the University of Wollongong’s transition from a small regional University to an internationally-recognised and highly-respected tertiary institution.

Justice Robert Hope served as a judge of the New South Wales Supreme Court and the New South Wales Court of Appeal. Notably, he was appointed by Prime Ministers Gough Whitlam and Bob Hawke as Royal Commissioner to lead enquiries into Australia’s security and intelligence services.

During his long and distinguished professional career, Justice Hope also pursued numerous community interests, including taking on an active role in promoting indigenous education and training for Tranby Aboriginal College. He had strong interests in theatre, art and Australia’s cultural heritage and held the position of Chairman of both the Nimrod and Old Tote theatre companies. He also served as Chairman of the NSW Heritage Council.

Justice Robert Hope is remembered for the wisdom, empathy and good humour he brought to all of his professional and community endeavours, and in particular by the University of Wollongong for his outstanding service to the University.

Justice Robert Hope passed away in 1999, aged 80.

To celebrate Justice Hope’s life and contribution, the Chancellor Robert Hope Memorial Prize is awarded to a student who demonstrates exceptional academic performance and an outstanding contribution to the University and wider community. As the only prize awarded by the University Council, it is considered the University’s pre-eminent student prize.

Portrait of Chancellor Robert Hope

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