Your graduation day

Congratulations - the day is almost here! Many graduates are excited and nervous on the day of their graduation ceremony. To help you get ready, we’ve put together a list of what you can do in preparation, as well as what to expect on the day.

Preparing for your graduation


Your graduation ceremony will be held in the Sports Hub (Building 9) at the Wollongong campus.

Travel and parking

There may be traffic and parking delays around the University, so please allow additional travel time.

Free parking is available for graduating students in P5 and P4 carparks on campus.

We encourage you to travel with all their guests in one vehicle. If the P4 and P5 carparks becomes full, security staff will advise you of alternative parking locations on or around campus. 

If you submitted accessibility requirements for both yourself and/ or your guests during the registration process, parking will be made available to you in the carpark under the Sports Hub – you will need to provide your name to the parking attendant at the Sports Hub carpark to gain access. 

You will be required to bring identification (eg. drivers licence, student card) which will be sighted at the registration desk.

If you already have a graduation hat (trencher or bonnet), please also bring it with you on the day.

A graduation ceremony is a formal occasion with smart casual wear being the minimum standard for graduates and their guests. 

You will be required to wear the approved University of Wollongong academic dress over your clothes when taking part in a graduation ceremony. The graduation fee covers the hire of your academic dress (gown and hood), as well as a trencher (hat) or bonnet to keep. 

When selecting what you're going to wear, keep in mind:

  • The academic gown is three-quarters in length and opens at the front, so your clothes will be visible.
  • The gown is made of heavy material, so you may wish to leave your jacket with your family or friends.
  • You will be wearing an academic trencher or bonnet on your head so we recommend a hairstyle that allows this to sit comfortably.
  • You will be walking onto stage via a ramp, so we recommend that you consider this when selecting your footwear.
  • You are welcome to enrich the colour of the ceremony with garments from your cultural tradition.

Purchasing academic dress 

If you wish to purchase academic dress for graduation, you can do so at any time of the year from the Unishop. However, if for any reason a particular item may be out of stock, you must place your order no later than 6 weeks prior to the ceremony. Enquiries regarding the purchase of academic dress may be directed to the Unishop.

If you purchase your academic dress you will you will need to collect your purchase from the Unishop prior to your graduation ceremony and bring it with you to the venue.

Please note that if you purchase your academic dress, you are still required to pay the  full graduation fee. 

Morning ceremonies

Graduates to arrive by 8:15am

  • Registration opens at 7.30am and closes at 9am sharp
  • Doors will open for guests at 9am
  • Ceremony commences 9:30am

Late arrivals may not be able to be accommodated.

Afternoon ceremonies

Graduates to arrive by 1:15pm

  • Registration opens at 12.30pm and closes at 2pm sharp
  • Doors will open for guests at 2pm
  • Ceremony commences 2:30pm

Graduates will receive their final allocation of guest tickets via email two weeks before the commencement ceremonies. Each graduate will receive a minimum of (3) three guest tickets at the registration desk on the day of their ceremony.

Children and prams

We understand what an important milestone Graduation is for families. Children are warmly welcome to attend your ceremony and will require a ticket. Infants (under 3) can sit on an adult's lap during the ceremony.

Designated pram/stroller parking bays will be available within the Sports Hub. Activities will also be available for children outside of the Sports Hub in the Marquee.

Additional guests

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer more tickets than the assigned limit per graduate due to the capacity limitations of the SportsHub.

Should there be available capacity at the conclusion of the registration period, guest numbers may be increased. Graduates will be notified of any adjustments in the pre-event reminder email, sent four weeks before the event.

Any additional guests are invited to watch the ceremony via live stream in the Marquee outside of the Sports Hub, or from a location off campus. The link to the live stream will be posted on the graduation website on the day of the event.

We are more than happy to accommodate special seating requirements, or any mobility or disability issues, including vision or hearing needs. 
If you did not advise of any special requirements during the online registration for graduation, please email details to with ‘Graduation’ in the subject line as soon as possible so arrangements can be made.


The UniShop has a great range of graduation gifts, flowers, cards and UOW memorabilia. You can shop online or in-person on the day.

The UniShop also sell special graduation teddy bears wearing academic dress which are popular amongst graduates and are a great keepsake.

UOW Pulse have also created a new range of UOW clothing in collaboration with New Balance, which is the perfect blend of function and fashion.

Visit UniShop and take home a piece of your university experience and the memories you have created. 

Portrait photography 

Reed Graduation Services will have professional photo studio sessions available on the day of your graduation. Bring along your friends and family and let skilled photographers capture this wonderful milestone with a range of high quality photos than you can cherish for years to come.

Bookings are recommended - pre-book your studio session for free ($30 on the day). 

Studio photography will be setup within UniActive (building 13) next to the Sports Hub.

Stage photography 

All graduates will be photographed on stage and Reed Graduation Services understands the importance of capturing this momentous moment. For pre-event discounts visit Reed Graduation Services.

Stage images will be available immediately after the ceremony for viewing and purchase within UniActive (building 13) next to the Sports Hub.


Reed Graduation Services offer a wide variety of frame options which are perfect to proudly display your award. If you would like to bring your certificate it can be framed by our professional framers on the spot, ready to take home on the day of your graduation. For pre-event specials visit Reed Graduation Services.


Graduation plaques offer a unique way of commemorating your award. Having your certificate replicated onto a silver or gold plaque fitted on to either rich walnut wood base, smooth matte black backing or a clear Perspex base adds professional flair and pleasing appearance to any office or room, allowing you to proudly display your award. For pre-event specials visit Reed Graduation Services. 

On the day - before the ceremony

You must arrive by the specified time.

On arrival, please make your way to the graduation registration desk located on the ground floor in UniActive (Building 13) which is adjacent to the Sports Hub. Entry is via the western side of the UniActive building (closest to the Sports Hub). 

To avoid overcrowding, we ask that guests wait outside and do not accompany you to the registration desk – we suggest arranging to meet your guests outside the Sports Hub after completing registration. 

Graduate registration

When you arrive at registration you will:

  • receive your program booklet, which will be marked with your name and allocated seat number
  • receive your guest tickets
  • get dressed in your academic dress
  • receive your trencher (hat) or bonnet (PhD graduates only)

UOW staff will select the appropriate academic dress foryou and help your put the garments on. If you are an Honours graduate, please advise staff.

Once dressed and ready, your can meet your guests and take photos before the ceremony begins. 

You will receive your program booklet at registration. This will be marked with your name and allocated seat number.

You must be seated in your allocated seat at least 20 minutes before the ceremony (unless you are told otherwise during registration). 

It is essential that you sit in your allocated seat as outlined on the program booklet received at registration. This will ensure graduates are presented on stage in the correct order. You must not swap or change your seat to be close to friends. 

Guest seating is not allocated but is separate from graduate seating.

PhD Graduates 

If you are a PhD graduate, once you have registered and are gowned in your academic dress, please make your way to Building 36 Room 305 where you will join the Academic Procession for the ceremony before walking down to the Sports Hub. 

Guests of PhD graduates should find their seats in the Sports Hub and are not to go to Building 36. 

It is highly recommended that you arrive at the University with plenty of time to find parking, register, dress in academic dress, and take photos.  

If you arrive after the close of registration, please go directly to the graduate registration desk in UniActive (building 13) and we will do our best to accommodate you, but it is not guaranteed that you will be able to participate in the ceremony.  

You will be required to wait in the registration area until the Academic Procession has been seated on stage at the commencement of the event. You will then be ushered to the Sports Hub to take your seats, and your name will be read out at the end of the ceremony. 

Arriving late will impact your Graduation experience, as your name will be read out at the conclusion of the ceremony by the Executive Dean and we will be unable to have your name displayed on the screen. 

Please note that if you arrive late and we are unable to accommodate you within the ceremony, you will not be offered a refund. 

During and after the ceremony

The official proceedings of UOW Graduation Ceremonies includes: 

  1. Opening of Ceremony, including Smoking Ceremony*
  2. Welcome to Country 
  3. National Anthem 
  4. Opening and Congratulatory Address 
  5. Presentation of Awards 
  6. Musical Interlude 
  7. Presentation of Awards (cont) 
  8. Honorary Award/Emeritus Professorships Awards 
  9. Occasional Address and Vote of Thanks 
  10. Closure of Proceedings 
  11. Showing of UOW Graduation video 
  12. Event Concludes

Ceremonies are expected to be 2-2.5 hours in duration.

* The smoking ceremony will be led by our Indigenous Community Leaders to welcome graduates, guests, and the academic procession. There will be adequate ventilation in place within the sports hub to ensure the health and safety of our students and community.

Ushers will direct graduates throughout the ceremony. When it is time to commence the presentation of awards, ushers will direct graduates as follows: 

  1. The Presenter will ask all graduates to stand for confirmation of degrees. After this, everyone can be seated except the first row of graduates who will then be guided by ushers to the stage. 
  2. When it is your turn to make your way to the stage an usher will ask you to stand and will direct you into position. Leave your booklets and other items on your seat. 
  3. An usher will check and adjust your academic dress. 
  4. When you reach the bottom of the stage ramp, you will collect your certificate from an usher. 
  5. You will be directed to ascend the ramp and stand on the side of the stage until your name is called. 
  6. When you hear your name, make your way to the centre of the stage towards the Presiding Officer. 
  7. The Presiding Officer will 'tip their cap' to you, and you can return the gesture by tipping your cap slightly downwards with your right hand. Please pause on stage while a photo is taken.
  8. After the photo, you can begin descending the ramp on the other side of the stage. 
  9. You will then make your way back to your allocated seat and remain there until the end of the ceremony. 
  10. At the completion of the ceremony, you will be directed to follow behind the Academic Procession and leave the venue. 

This information will also be provided to you again, upon registration on the day of your ceremony. 

Please ensure you pause on stage for our professional photographer to take your photo after you have 'tipped your cap' to the Presiding Officer.

Stage photos will be available immediately after the ceremony for viewing and purchase in UniActive near the registration desk (building 13). If you would like to view and/or purchase your stage photos at a later time, a link will be available on the UOW website once all ceremonies are complete. 

All ceremonies will be live streamed. A link will be available on the graduation website on the day of the ceremony.

Your academic dress must be returned to the gown returns area near the registration desk in UniActive (building 13) by the following times:

  • 1pm for morning ceremonies 
  • 6pm for afternoon ceremonies

If your graduation gown is not returned by these times, you will be contacted by the graduation team and invoiced for the full cost of replacement.  

At the conclusion of your ceremony, you and your guests are invited to join UOW dignitaries in the marquee outside of the Sports Hub to take photos, celebrate and enjoy some refreshments.  

It's a good idea to organise somewhere to meet your guests as it will be busy. 

UniBar will also be open after the ceremony if you'd like to continue the celebrations.

Palisade Kitchen & Bar (at Novotel Wollongong Northbeach)
Featuring a picturesque beachfront view, stylish interior and a menu which heroes locally sourced seafood, dry aged beef and an Asian fusion, Palisade Kitchen & Bar is a food & wine lover’s dream.

  • Offer: 2 course plated menu $55 per person
  • Available: During operating hours on 16 18 April 2024
  • How to book: Quote UOW Graduation Offer when ordering at venue
  • T&Cs: A beverage must be purchased with food for discount to be applied. Offer valid for above dates only.

North Bar (at Novotel Wollongong Northbeach)
Warm tones and luxurious furnishings offer coastal sophistication at its finest. A carefully curated casual dining menu, an innovative cocktail selection, extensive wine list and a team of expert staff ensure every minute of the guest experience is unforgettable.

  • Offer: Burger and drink for $30
  • Available: During operating hours 16 – 18 April 2024
  • How to book: Quote UOW Graduation Offer when ordering at venue
  • T&Cs: A beverage must be purchased with food for discount to be applied. Offer valid for above dates only.

Lagoon Seafood Restaurant
Lagoon Restaurant is an award-winning beachside restaurant that has been serving delicious meals in Wollongong since 1986. The restaurant is located in front of the beautiful shoreline and is renowned for its delightful seafood, stunning views, and excellent service.

Offer: Lagoon Restaurant is offering a Graduation Special set menu throughout the week which includes the choice of:
2 course meal for $50pp
3 course meal for $60pp
Signature Hot and Cold Seafood Platter for 2 with a bottle of wine and bread for $259
Signature Hot and Cold Seafood Platter for 3 with a bottle of wine and bread for $359

Available: During operating hours 11 am to 10 pm 16 – 18 April 2024
How to book:
T&Cs: This special is not available in conjunction with any other offers.

Illawarra Yacht Club
Situated on the foreshore of the beautiful Lake Illawarra, the Illawarra Yacht Club provides the perfect dining experience with an amazing 180° lake view

  • Offer: $22.5 topped schnitzel deal
  • Available: Thursdays 5.30 8.30pm
  • Restaurant hours: 11.30 am – 3 pm | 5.30 pm until late
  • How to book:

Resin Brewery
Local Brewpub in the northern suburbs of the Illawarra offering an ever changing selection of beers brewed in house and an exceptional elevated seasonal gastro menu

  • Offer: FREE beer with every main meal / burger purchased 
  • Available: 16 –18 April 2024
  • How to book: Online at use code 'UniGrad' to your booking or flag the same with staff when ordering.
  • T&Cs: *Beer = 350ml schmiddy of your choice or a 500ml Pint of our Sandon Larger

Outback Steakhouse Wollongong
The home of juicy steaks, spirited drinks and Aussie hospitality.

  • Offer: 10% off the bill for UOW graduates 2024 
  • Available: 16 –19 April 2024
  • How to book: : Book Online or call us on 02 42272577 or email Discount Code :" UOW Graduate"
  • T&Cs: Not to be used in conjunction of any other offer and Dine in only No Takeaways 

Steelers Club
Whether you’re watching your favourite sport on the big screens or having a great meal with friends, Steelers is the best destination for top class entertainment – Wollongong’s home of the St George Illawarra Dragons and Illawarra Rugby League.

  • Offer: Wednesday $12* Steak Night
  • Available: Wednesday 17 April 2024 5 – 8pm
  • How to book: ChBookings recommended
  • T&Cs: *members price, not available in conjunction with any other offer, no takeaway

Dagwood Bar and Kitchen
A small restaurant with big personality, offering Mexican and Asian food along with an extensive cocktail and wine list.

  • Offer: 4 6pm Happy Hour on weekdays, $2 Peking Duck Spring Rolls, Pints at Schooner Prices, $13 Selected Cocktails
  • How to book: or call 4228 6504
  • T&Cs: Sent after booking

The Iron Yampi
Modern Australian elevated pub style food and fine wine is at home on Wentworth Street Port Kembla. Open for lunch and dinner, we are set up and ready to host your post-graduation festivities

  • Offer: FREE glass of celebratory Sparkling for any graduate on a booking.
  • Available: Available Lunch and Dinner 17 April 2024
  • How to book: Let us know you’re celebrating graduation when booking (check the Graduation box) through
  • Limited to 1 glass per graduate per booking. Must be over 18.

Howlin Wolf Bar
A candle lit bar with over 350 whiskeys, a variety of beers, wines and cocktails with the addition of free boardgames to play

  • Offer:  30% off all backbar whiskeys, $7 Selected Schooners, $13 Selected Cocktails, $10 House Wines
  • Available: 17 April – 4pm onwards
  • How to book (including how to claim offer): Walk-ins
  • T&C’s sent after booking

Collegians Wollongong
Relax and enjoy Collegians superior and friendly service whilst dining in one of their many food outlets. Kitchen on Charlotte offers modern bistro cuisine the whole family will enjoy or try Factory, specialising in steak, pizza and rib If you’re after something lighter Much Ado About Coffee has sweet treats, lights meals and coffee available all day.

  • $8.90 Weekday Lunch Specials
  • $25.90 Char-Grilled Bonanza – Thursday nights 5.30pm – 9pm
  • $17.90 Double Stack Chicken Parmigiana – Wednesday nights 5.30pm-9pm
  • No bookings required

Harbourfront Seafood Restaurant
Enjoy some of Australia's most beautiful food, as we bring to your plate the freshest local and sustainable seafood and produce. Located overlooking the iconic Belmore Basin on Wollongong Harbour, Harbourfront Seafood Restaurant is one of the best dining destinations across the South Coast. Open for lunch and dinner, 7 days a week.

  • Offer: Treat yourself to Harbourfront Seafood Restaurant's Market Menu and enjoy a choice of a 2 or 3-course set-menu. The menu evolves daily, with dishes depending on seasonal produce available. Available for lunch or dinner 7 days a week:
  • Monday – Thursday: 2 courses $55pp | 3 courses $65pp)
  • Friday – Sunday: 2 courses $65pp | 3 courses $75pp)
  • Book now or call us 02 4227 2999.
  • T&Cs: Set menu available for a maximum of 20 people Monday Thursday and 10 people Friday - Sunday. Contact us directly to coordinate bookings for larger groups.

Culinarius Catering and Events
Recognised as the Illawarra’s premier provider of fresh and creative cuisine. Our award-winning business has been providing delicious food throughout the Illawarra and beyond, since 1988!

  • Offer:  $55pp, minimum 20 guests (includes GST)
    • Prawn on potato rosti with avocado salsa (G/F)
    • Peking duck pancake
    • Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls with hoisin dipping sauce (vegan & G/F)
    • Bruschetta topped with pancetta, marinated mushrooms, and freshly shaved parmesan.
    • Vegan mini spring rolls with sweet chilli jam
    • Petit savoury quiches with spinach and fetta
    • Pumpkin, Pea, and Leek arancini with garlic aioli- vegetarian (G/F)
    • House made mini gourmet Wagyu pies.
  • Applicable: 16 18 April 2024. Flexible delivery times.
  • How to book: Call us on 4228 1800, or email:
  • T&Cs: Delivery is free of charge to anywhere in the Wollongong CBD, otherwise a charge will apply. Offer is for delivery of food only and excludes service.

Steamers Bar & Grill
Steamers Bar and Grill is an award-winning restaurant offering breath-taking views of City Beach and Wollongong Lighthouse. The menu has been crafted to explore the street food scene from around the world and delivers a collision of small and large plates inspired by these bold and dynamic local flavours.

  • Offer: We’re offering graduates a complimentary glass of bubbles PLUS a celebratory graduation balloon.
  • Applicable: 16 18 April 2024
  • How to book: Use “Graduate” in the comments when booking online or call 4229 6895
  • T&Cs: Offer valid between 16 18 April 2024. Person must use “Graduate” in the comments when booking.⁠ Offer includes one glass of complimentary bubbles for graduating student plus one celebratory graduation balloon.

Wests Illawarra
A fantastic venue to enjoy a day or night out with friends & family with a variety of entertainment! Enjoy a delicious meal, catch the game on the big screen, meet up with friends, and celebrate milestones. Discover our many spaces and find your moment here at Wests Illawarra.

  • Offer: $10 Schitznel Night available every Wednesday evening from 5.30 pm **members only.
  • Lunch specials – Wests Illawarra run regular lunch specials fresh from their Artisan Menu: Members $12 | Visitors $14 Available Monday – Friday lunchtime. 
  • Litani’s Restaurant
    Open for lunch & dinner Wednesday to Sunday 8am until late
    Litani’s Mediterranean Restaurant is a family-owned and operated business in the heart of Wollongong. A charming, homely spot where families and friends will always feel welcomed!

  • Headlands Hotel
    Open for lunch & dinner daily. Open times vary
    Headland’s Brasserie specialises in delicious fresh food, expertly prepared with quality seasonal ingredients. With an idyllic beachfront location and casual vibe, Headlands is a beautiful location for a family celebration. Walk-ins welcome however for large parties, bookings are advised. Located in Thirroul, a 15 minute drive from Wollongong’s CBD.

  • Bombora Seafood
    Open 8am – 4pm 7-days a week
    Find stunning harbour views with a relaxed atmosphere and quality seafood.

  • Mylan Vietnamese
    Open for Lunch & Dinner Monday to Saturday
    Mylan is located in the heart of Wollongong, you will be blown away by their authentic dishes and extensive menu at a great price.

  • Kneading Ruby
    Open Tuesday to Sunday 5pm - late
    A family-run Italian restaurant showcasing authentic Italian food, delicious cocktails and wine. Perfect for large groups.
  • His Boy Elroy
    Open 11:30am to late 7-days a week
    Try the tastiest burgers in town and take your pick from delicious cocktails to craft beers.

  • Lee & Me
    Offers Breakfast, lunch and beverages 7 days
    Located in a charming old terrace serving speciality coffee and mouth-watering breakfast or lunch.

  • Lower East Café
    Offers Breakfast and lunch 7 days
    A cute and cosy café serving seasonal breakfast and lunch with delicious coffee, beverages, and treats.

  • Diggies
    Offers Breakfast, lunch and beverages 7 days
    Perched on the edge of North Beach serving fresh food and great coffee with coastal vibes. Soak up the ocean breeze with an all-day brunch menu, cocktails and fine wines.

Wollongong offers convenient accommodation options for all budgets from luxury ocean view rooms, comfortable family suits or beachfront cabins. Take your pick.

Wollongong Surf Leisure Resort

Family accommodation on the beach, less than 10 minutes from UOW.

  • Offer: 10% off accommodation cabins for families of students that are UOW graduates
  • Available: 16 19 April 2024
  • How to book: Call 4283 6999 & mention the graduation, or book at and receive discount rebate on check-in.
  • T&Cs: New direct bookings only. Not available with any other offer. Subject to availability

Quality Suites Pioneer Sands
The Quality Suites Pioneer Sands is located on the northern side of Wollongong. The hotel is just minute’s drive away from restaurants, bar, cafes, beach and the university.

Quality Suites Pioneer Sands offers 47 apartment style accommodation with an onsite Café, Bar, Conference Centre and pool.

  • Offer: 15% discount
  • Dates/times available: 16 18 April 2024
  • How to book: call – 02 4252 1111/email direct and mention ‘UOW Graduation’
  • Terms & conditions: 24hour cancellation policy; must book direct with the hotel

Hotel TOTTO is your latest escape smack bang in the centre of Wollongong. Minimalistic and unfussy, but with all the creature comforts you want in a hotel.

  • Offer: 20% OFF our best available rates.
  • Applicable: 15 – 19 April 2024
  • How to book:
    • Visit
    • Select ‘Book’ and enter required dates, as well as guests staying
    • Click ‘I have a code’
    • In the ‘Corporate ID’ field, enter booking code: UOWRATE
    • Select ‘Check Rooms
  • T&Cs: Not available in conjunction with any other offer or membership discount. 24 hour cancellation policy applies. No shows will incur a fee equal to the first night accommodation.

Nova Kiama
Our modern hotel is short walking distance to the beach, great cafes, yummy restaurants and an abundance of shops. We encourage you to relax and unwind in our private pool area and courtyard, or squeeze in a workout in our well-appointed gymnasium. We are only 32km south from the Illawarra Regional Airport and a 90 min drive south of Sydney. We offer all guests complimentary secure underground car parking and Wi-Fi, and all rooms are fitted with Smart TV’s with Netflix already loaded.

  • Offer: 10% off out standard rate (book direct only)
  • Dates/times available: 16 – 18 April 2024
  • How to book: Call the hotel and quote code UOWGRAD2024 to receive your discounted rate.
  • T&Cs: 2 night minimum stay on Friday and Saturday nights. Full payment required at time of booking to secure discounted rate.

Retro RV Wollongong
Cruise around the Illawarra in Retro RV style for the coolest way to sightsee our region

  • Offer: Stay 4 ~ Pay 3 Mon-Thurs Deal & Weekend Hire Fri-Sun ~ get 10% OFF
  • Applicable: During the time frame of the visit only
  • How to book including any codes required:

Seven Mile Holiday Park
Located in the stunning coastal town of Gerroa and nestled in a landscape between the northern end of the extensive coastline of Seven Mile Beach and Crooked River, adjacent to the unspoilt forest backdrop of Seven Mile Beach National Park.

  • Offer: 10% discount off your stay
  • Available: Arrive 16 – 18 April, check-in: 2pm – check-out: 10am
  • How to book: Call or email directly to book using code UOWGRAD24 (not eligible online)
    (02) 4234 1340-

Sage Hotel Wollongong

  • Kiama Harbour Cabins are luxurious cabins overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Kiama Harbour. Perched on Blowhole Point, the one, two or three-bedroom cabins are ready to captivate you and your loved ones. Situated just 30 minutes south of Wollongong.

  • Kendalls on the Beach is located 30 minutes south of Wollongong. Along a picturesque bay you'll find a choice of cabins, powered caravan and campsites. Enjoy a BBQ on the beach, pamper yourself at the spa, or simply relax and unwind to the waves.

  • Mantra Wollongong Apartments are centrally located in the heart of Wollongong, offering one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments which are perfect for families or groups. Close to public transport, with secure onsite parking and a walk to Wollongong’s stunning beaches.

  • Argo Apartments are located within 900m of North Wollongong beach and Wollongong Central. Choose from luxury 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom or Penthouse apartments, all with generous size balconies.

  • Adina Apartment Hotel offers spacious one and two-bedroom apartments or studio rooms. Located close to Wollongong Beach and the CBD.

Kick off your celebrations in style. Whether you’re a thrill seeker or an outdoor enthusiast, there is something exciting for you to experience in Wollongong.

Skydive Australia
Skydive Sydney-Wollongong is just one hour south of Sydney CBD and provide free return bus transfers every day of the week. Skydive Sydney and jump from Australia's highest altitude of up to 15,000 feet, directly over North Wollongong beach.

  • Offer: Celebrate your graduation from 15,000ft with a $50 discount
  • Available: Offer valid until 31st May 2024.
  • How to book: Use code CONGRATS50 to claim $50
  • T&Cs: Must use code ‘UOW50’ when booking online or over the phone 1300 663 634. Not valid with any other offer. Not available on gift cards. Direct bookings only.

Symbio Wildlife Park
Get up close to all your favourite Australian Native, Exotic, and Farmyard animals at Symbio Wildlife Park. Hand feed Kangaroos, emu's, and farmyard animals, get behind the scenes with Meerkats, Red Pandas, Lemurs, Koalas, and more, or come face to face with a Cheetah and some of the worlds most venomous snakes. With daily presentations, loads of interactive opportunities with animals, and just 20 minutes North of UOW, what better way to make memories with your family while they visit.

  • Offer: 1 x FREE Kangaroo feed with every entry
  • Dates/times available: up until 1 July 2024
  • How to book (including how to claim offer): Present the advert in person at entry to receive your FREE animal feed bag/s

Aquilla Fishing Charters
Come aboard as we take you to the seas in one of the most stunning areas of New South Wales! With over 40 years experience fishing in Wollongong, we know some of the best fishing spots in the region that will guarantee you an unforgettable day on the water.

  • Offer: Come aboard this shared charter. Suitable for individuals and small groups of any skill level. Fish with ease while taking in the tranquil surrounds of Wollongong.
  • Whole Boat Charters: For a more personal experience of a private charter, hire out the whole vessel for any occasion.
  • Available: Open 7 days a week, 6am-12pm. Subject to availability and weather conditions.
  • How to book: Online at or on 0407 799 278.
  • T&Cs:

Illawarra Fly Treetop Adventures
Home to an immersive Zipline Tour and incredible Treetop Walk experience. The Treetop Walk is a gentle 1.5 kilometre loop track with 500 metres of elevated steel walkway through the treetops, some 20-30 metres above the forest floor. The stunning panoramic views take in everything from the rainforest canopy, coastal towns and out to the Pacific Ocean. With stunning views, Zipline Tours, a visitor centre and cafe, Illawarra Fly Treetop Adventures is a great day out for families, couples or groups of friends.

  • Offer: 30% off The Treetop Walk and Zipline and Archery tickets.
  • Applicable: 13 – 21 April 2024
  • Opening hours: 10am-4pm (last entry 3:30pm) Zipline Tour – Various times throughout the day (Must be booked in advance)
  • How to book including any codes required: Head to the website and go through the booking journey for either Treetop walk or Zipline Tour. Enter in promo code to receive discount.
    Promo Code: UOW-GRAD-24
  • T&Cs: Offer valid ONLY between 13 – 21 April 20234. Tickets are non-transferable. Zipline Tour minimum age is 4+. Must book the Zipline Tour at least one day in advance.

C1 Speed Indoor Karting and Laser Tag
As the best all ages venue on the south coast C1 Speed Indoor Karting and Laser Tag has something for everyone! We've made it simple to plan and spend the whole day out with the family! Between our Indoor Go Karts, SmashLAB Rage Room and Laser Tag arena everyone is certain to find something they love!

  • Offer: A free one day membership included with the purchase of racing.
  • Dates and times applicable: 15 21 April 2024
  • How to book including any codes required: Book online at Mention this ad whilst instore to receive the free one day membership.

Jervis Bay Wild
Whale and Dolphin watching tours operated out of the beautiful Jervis Bay.

Port Kembla Golf CLub
Play golf this summer!


Play 9 holes
• $40 weekdays
• $37 weekdays

Play 18 holes
• $43 weekdays
• $48 weekends

Cool Off While Hitting the Green!
You can purchase a 6-pack of Hellfire Cantina Cerveza while on the course.
$30 per 6-pack, available for purchase at Port Kembla Golf Club Pro Shop.

Carts & Renta Equipment
Too hot to walk the course? Or don’t have your clubs with you?
Our Port Kembla Pro Shop has a selection of golf carts and equipment for hire, including golf cart hire, golf club storage, golf equipment, clothing and more.

Head to the PKGC website to book.