Lectures and classes


Many subjects at UOW have lectures where an academic staff member presents course material to a large group each week. Depending on the teaching model, lectures may be delivered in-person on campus, streamlined online or recorded. You may also need to enrol in your lecture times. 

It’s important to make the most of your lectures, which not only means attending them but also means preparing, engaging with the material and taking effective notes.


For each subject you are enrolled in you may also have one (or more) smaller group classes where you put into practice the material you learned in the lecture. These can be called tutorials, practicals or seminars. You need to enrol in these classes. Find out more about enrolling in classes.

Are lectures and classes compulsory?

Attendance requirements for lectures and classes depend on your course so it is important to check your subject outline to confirm what is required. You should be able to view your subject outline from within Moodle once session has commenced.

If you are sick or injured and can’t come to class you can apply for academic consideration.