Tuition fee instalment plans

Who can apply

An instalment plan allows you to pay 50% of your tuition fees by census date and then delay paying the rest until 3 to 6 weeks later.

You can apply for an instalment plan if you:

  • are an international student; or
  • are a domestic student not in receipt of a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP); or
  • are a domestic postgraduate fee paying student not eligible for a HELP Loan; and
  • are not a new student in your first session of study; and
  • have a good payment history with UOW.

When instalment plans are offered in 2024

Session Opening date 1st Instalment Due (census) 2nd Instalment Due
Trimester 1 5 February 26 February  18 March
Autumn Session 26 February 31 March 13 May
Annual Session 26 February 22 April 24 Jun
Trimester 2 13 May 03 June 01 July
Spring Session 22 July 31 August 07 October
Trimester 3 19 August 09 September 09 October
Spring 2024/Autumn 2025  22 July 30 September 11 November

How to apply and the application process

  1. Apply via SOLS - Student Forms -- applications must be in before the close of session census date.

  2. Check SOLS mail for notification of outcome of application.

  3. If application is successful, pay administrative fee with the first instalment by session census date.
    • Administrative fee: $88 for domestic students; $110 for international students.
  4. The Administrative fee for an Instalment plan is non-refundable.

More information

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