Plan your job search


Whether you are pursuing an academic career or a career in another sector, your job-search starts long before you submit your thesis or graduate. Some academic and postdoctoral positions are open to students within a certain time frame of submission (e.g. within 6 months). Many corporate and public service hiring programs recruit up to 12 months before start date. Gaining an understanding of your chosen market and building your network early on will ensure you are well prepared when you start actively job seeking.

Build your career network

Building your network by attending conferences and keeping in touch with researchers in your topic and discipline area is important throughout your Higher Degree Research. Consider adding your profile to online academic networks such as ResearchGate and Identify graduates in working in other sectors and career areas through the LinkedIn alumni search . Try using an information interviewing approach to make contacts and gain advice from within the sector.

Advice on accessing the Hidden job market relevant to all students.

Making applications

Guidelines on preparing your Academic CV

Resumes for PhD and Masters by Research Students (public sector/ industry etc.)

Advice on making applications relevant to all students

Interview Preparation

Think about who is interviewing you. An academic audience understands the research process, your research outcomes and your field. What about an interview panel from another sector? Is a PhD or Masters by Research a requirement of the role, or are research skills one of the selection criteria? Think about how you can translate your research achievements, so those without academic research experience will recognise the skills you have gained and the quality of your research.

Sample Academic Interview questions

Advice on interview preparation relevant to all students