Borrowing from other libraries

How to borrow from other libraries and services for regional, metropolitan, off-campus and off-shore students.

Services to borrow from another library

If you have something you wish to borrow or obtain a copy of and we don't have it at UOW Library, use Document Delivery.

(Or if you're close to another academic library, sign up for ULANZ to borrow from their collections!)

Borrowing services for regional and metropolitan campus students

All on-shore regional and metropolitan campus students and staff can borrow items held at Wollongong Campus Library by placing an intercampus borrowing request.

Borrowing services for off-campus students

If the delivery mode of your course is UOW Online, Distance or Flexible, you may be eligible for off-campus services.

For scanned journal articles or book chapters from the UOW Library collection, place a request via Document Delivery.

Eligible off-campus students can have print books and other physical items mailed to them from:

You will already be set up for Home Delivery. If you are experiencing any problems placing your request, please contact us via

Check your address details are up-to-date before using our services. If your address details are not correct, please update them with AskUOW and wait until they are updated in our system the next day.

Home Delivery clients are already set up in our system based on postcode and enrolment in the following:

  • masters degree or PhD
  • a course offered via: online, distance education, flexible delivery or modular mode
  • Graduate Medicine Phase 2 Session 2/Phase 3 student
  • clinical academic of the School of Medicine

All items are posted to you free of charge, but you must cover the return postage costs.

Borrowing services for off-shore students

For scanned copies of journal articles or book chapters from the UOW Library collection, place a request via Document Delivery.

Off-shore students can use Document Delivery to request copies from other libraries. However, loan items (e.g. print books) are not mailed to UOW students outside Australia.


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