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Document Delivery

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We've implemented a new Library System to deliver user-centred digital services.

COVID-19 impact to services

The physical closure of Australian libraries and libraries worldwide due to COVID-19 may impact UOW Document Delivery services.


Document Delivery

Document Delivery is a borrowing service available to all UOW staff and students.

All published material can be requested*, including:

  • books
  • book chapters
  • journal articles
  • research reports
  • conference proceedings
  • multimedia
  • theses

*Off-shore students can request copies. However, loan items (e.g. print books) are not mailed to UOW students outside Australia.

Requesting an item from Document Delivery is a four-step process.

  1. Logging in or requesting an account.
  2. Adding your request.
  3. Filling in the request form.
  4. Receiving your request.

Details on how to log in, request an account, place a request (including how to complete the Document Delivery request form), are detailed below.

Place a document delivery request

Log in to your account and add a request for document delivery.

Place a request

Using Document Delivery

1. Log in or request an account

Log in to Document Delivery using your UOW username and password.

If you haven’t used the service before, you will need to request an account. Fill in the form then select "Continue". We will email you when your account has been set up.

Note: If you get a blank screen when you log in, you will need to clear your browser history/cache or try using a different browser. If, after doing so, you still cannot log in to place your request, contact us.

2. Adding your request

Current requests will be displayed in the centre of the screen when you log in. You will see the progress of your requests there.

My Requests on the lefthand side allows you to view different stages of your requests.

Select "Add Request" to place your request.

You have two options:

  • Copies – use to place requests for journal articles, chapters from books, conference papers, theses.
  • Loans – use to place requests for books, DVDs, etc. you wish to borrow.

3. Filling in the request form

Try to include as much citation information as you have about the resource. This helps us to identify your requirements and send the request to other libraries as soon as possible.

In your Copies form include:

  • Journal articles – journal title, volume, issue, year, page numbers, article title, article author(s), and ISSN if known
  • Book chapters/conference papers – publication title, publication author(s)/editor(s), chapter title/paper title, chapter/paper author(s), ISBN, year of publication, page numbers
  • Theses – title and author. If known, include the university, degree conferred and date of conferral

Your delivery method needs to be "Post to Web" as this enables delivery of copies to your UOW email regardless of file size.

In your Loans form include:

  • title
  • author(s)/editor(s)
  • ISBN
  • year of publication
  • edition (if specific edition required)

If you are eligible for off-campus borrowing services, change Delivery Method to "Mail off-campus only" and Pickup Location to "Eligible Direct Delivery".

If you are a Graduate Medicine Phase 2 or Phase 3 student, you'll be asked to provide a delivery address and a time period for your stay at this address.

4. Receiving your request

Copies – will be delivered to your UOW email address.

You can also download them from Documents Received if you are logged into your Document Delivery account.

Loans – you will be notified via your UOW email when a loan item is available for you to pick up from your campus library.

If you are off-campus, we will check it out and mail it to you.