Document Delivery

Document Delivery

Document Delivery is a borrowing service available to all UOW students and staff, which allows you to request items outside the UOW Library collection.

You can find out whether or not the Library provides access to what you require by using Library Search and Google Scholar.

What material can I request?

All published material can be requested*, including:

  • books
  • book chapters (one chapter or 10% of a book can be requested)
  • journal articles
  • research reports
  • conference proceedings
  • multimedia
  • Theses

All digital copy requests are subject to Australian Copyright Legislation, which may limit how much you can request from a book or a journal.

*Off-shore students can request digital copies. However, physical items (e.g. print books) are not mailed to UOW students outside Australia.

How do I use Document Delivery?

To request an item through Document Delivery, first check for access through Library SEARCH:

  1. Log in to Library SEARCH and look for the item.
  2. If we don’t have what you need, select ‘Show results outside UOW Library’.
  3. If you find the item in the results, select ‘Get it for me from other libraries’*.
  4. Choose from the ‘Get it’ options:
    • For books, you'll have the option to borrow the physical copy or get a digital copy of a chapter.
    • For chapters or articles, fill in the additional information and agree to the copyright terms.
  5. Click 'Send' to submit your request. You will receive a confirmation email.
  6. The Library will email you again when your request is available.

*If you don't find the item in the results or there is no option to ‘Get it’ from another library, click on ‘Still didn’t find what you need? Click here to send a Document Delivery request’, then fill in the blank form, including the suggested citation details below to help us locate what you need.

How much information should I include in my Document Delivery request?

A Document Delivery request form may autofill with item details but you may need to fill in additional information.

You should include as much information as you have about the resource to help us process your request.

For digital copies, include:

  • Journal articles* - article title, journal title, author, publication year, volume, issue, start page, end page and ISSN (if known)
    *If you have a DOI, use this to autofill the request information.
  • Book chapters/conference papers - book title, author(s)/editor(s), publication year, edition (if required), ISBN, chapter (title or number), pages
  • Theses - title and author. If known, include the university, degree conferred and date of conferral.

For physical copies, include:

  • book title
  • author(s)/editor(s)
  • publication year
  • edition (if required)
  • ISBN

Where do I find my Document Delivery requests?

From My Library Card, you can:

  • see the status of current Document Delivery requests (delivery times vary depending on where we can source the item and mail delivery times for physical copies)
  • download your digital copies (limited to 60 days from receipt or 10 views)
  • cancel any requests you no longer need which have not yet been shipped by the supplying library.
  • request for your loan to be renewed
  • review your request history.

To find and download your Document Delivery requests:

  1. Log in to My Library Card.
  2. Click the Requests link at the top.
  3. If your requested item is available, the status will be ‘ILL. Sent’ and you can use the download link to save the item.