Maximise research visibility - FRLS

“The Library in partnership with the Research portfolio plays an integral role for the assurance of the quality and integrity of future scholarship and research.” (Future Ready Library Strategy p15)


We enhanced and advanced infrastructure, networks, standards, and best practices that enable scholarship and research today and for future generations.

Success indicators include:

  • 100% research-active academics with ORCiD IDs
  • high visibility of open UOW journals in recognised research indexes
  • Publications Management Systems integrated into research systems roadmap

Increasing ORCiD (Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier)

ORCiD provides a persistent digital identifier optimising ID’s in UOW’s research system, ensuring recognition for all researcher contributions, and reducing the risk of attribution errors. By 2021, 85% of UOW academics had an ORCiD ID (compared to 10% in 2017).

Engineering PhD candidate Siobhan O'Brien with prosthetic hand
The researchers are Professor Barbara Meyer, PhD candidate Lauren Roach, and Dr Pia Winberg takes notes from research subject
ARC-DECRA Fellow Dr Javad Foroughi demonstrates the artificial muscles.

Managing UOW Publications with Symplectic Elements

In May 2021, UOW implemented Digital Science’s Symplectic Elements research management solution, and by September it was integrated with the public-facing UOW Scholars platform.

One benefit of Symplectic Elements is a reduction in publication management costs. Further benefits to the research community include:

  • better research performance outcomes (including ERA and global university rankings) from improved data accuracy, timeliness, and availability through automation
  • increased researcher satisfaction with more oversight and use of publication data and metadata, in a transparent, contemporary solution
  • support for keeping records in research identity schemes, such as ORCiD, Researcher ID and Scopus ID

Our move away from process-driven data entry has also freed up Library staff to provide expertise on more complex publication management issues across UOW.


"I had a look at Elements and it is all very clear. I like the fact that it combines several metrics."


"The new Elements profile system looks fantastic. Your help is much appreciated."


"I just wanted to reiterate that I think Elements is fantastic... I think what you have created is just great."

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