About us

Welcome to UOW Library

Exceptional client services

What sets UOW Library apart is our commitment to exceptional service delivered by our highly trained teams in person and online.

Extensive resources

We have millions of resources including over 840,000 ebooks, 250 databases, and over 180,000 electronic journals. You can also borrow from other libraries using our document delivery services to access millions of other publications worldwide.

Supporting research

UOW’s open access repository, Research Online, showcases the research of the University, and Archives Online ensures access to our historically significant collections.

Inspired learning spaces

We provide quiet and collaborative Library spaces across Wollongong, regional and metropolitan campuses.

Liz Hilton Memorial Fellowship

In celebration of Liz Hilton's contributions to UOW, the Liz Hilton Memorial Fellowship was established - creating an opportunity for UOW students or staff to undertake in-depth research using archival collections.

Liz Hilton Memorial Fellowship More about Liz Hilton

Our promise to you

We will:

  • Respect your diversity and individuality
  • Treat you with courtesy and respond to you in a friendly, professional manner
  • Support your studies with quality information and expert advice
  • Offer spaces that inspire you to discover, create, study and learn
  • Provide resources to support learning, teaching and research
  • Continue to develop new and easier ways to access information
  • Expand your research skills with a choice of face-to-face support and online resources
  • Listen to you, and use your feedback and suggestions to measure our performance and improve our services

You can help us by:

  • Respecting the diversity and individuality of our staff and your peers
  • Caring for our environment, facilities and resources
  • Complying with our guidelines and UOW policies

Learn more about our organisation

See our organisational structure, and read about the vision, purpose and values of UOW Library.

Our staff
A portrait of Margie Jantti, Director of Library Services, outside the Wollongong Campus Library