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“Effective knowledge workers of the future will need to be skilled in... emotional intelligence, critical thinking, the ability to engage and to build and sustain relationships, comfort with ambiguity and, co-creation and collaboration. The role of the professional in delivering services in new constructs and helping others to interpret and navigate the changing higher education landscape will be further heightened.” (Future Ready Library Strategy p18)

What makes our approach distinct is the holistic focus on people and organisational health in all facets of Library operations. We recognised that an agile and flexible workforce was the hallmark of an effective and innovative university library.

Developing digital dexterity

Our emphasis on staff digital dexterity and a culture based on trust, transparency and accountability ensured that critical projects were delivered at exceptionally high standards.

In 2020 we transitioned from our two-phased digital dexterity program and encouraged several communities of practice which fostered shared learning and social connection alongside our established self-directed, self-paced learning initiatives.

Future-Ready Capabilities Framework

The Future-Ready Capabilities Framework (FRCF) was developed, including the capabilities and attitudes and skills of the knowledge worker of the future.

Staff can complete a self-evaluation survey to discover existing skills or attitudes – are they ‘seeding’, ‘growing’ or flourishing’?

A ‘Seed Bank’ of resources provides pathways for more learning and development. In its first year, the FRCF has received attention from colleagues at other ANZ academic libraries, with several requests for the content.

Professional development activities

Throughout the four years of the Future Ready Library Strategy we also supported countless professional development opportunities, including:

  • secondments, job enrichments and shadowing
  • coaching and mentoring partnerships
  • conferences and external events
  • academic publications

Library staff smiling and holding their recognition certificates beside UOW VC, Patricia Davidson

Library receives VC Outstanding Service Award (2022)

Pictured (L-R): Leanne Campbell, Leanne Webster, Professor Patricia Davidson, Donna Dee, Georgina Konstanta, Keith Brophy

Staff publications and presentations

2021 staff publications

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2020 staff publications

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2019 staff publications

2018 staff publications

2017 staff publications

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