Collaboration & video conferencing

Collaboration tools are available to allow UOW staff and students to work together collaboratively and to connect with each other across all campus and remote locations. The tools make sharing data with each other easy, as well as providing video enabled web conferencing through virtual workspaces.

Before you start

New to video conferences? Check out our video conferencing best practice - tips and tricks to help make your experience a positive one. 


Like most other public forums, it is possible to have a person disrupt an event that’s meant to bring people together. A rogue participant could potentially interrupt your meeting by joining uninvited, harassing other participants or sharing unsolicited content in what is called a Conference Bomb attack.  Your role as the host means you have a responsibility to protect your meeting participants from such disruptions.

Collaboration tools


Zoom provides a remote conferencing service that combines video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration.


Webex is a suite of modern collaboration tools that help you communicate and share from wherever you are. As the University of Wollongong expands into new regional, metropolitan and international areas, communication and collaboration across distances is becoming increasingly important.  Cisco Webex tools are here to help.  Every user with a UOW account is licensed to use Webex Meetings, Webex Rooms and Webex Teams.

Getting started

Webex Meetings

Allowing you to communicate face to face with people all over the world, Meetings can be used in a web browser or app on your computer, phone or tablet. You can make audio calls, see each other in video, share your screen, and work from anywhere.

Webex Room Systems

An in-room videoconferencing solution, Room Systems include cameras, microphones, speakers, and codecs that amplify the conferencing experience with high quality video and audio suitable for between 2 and 100 participants.

Webex Teams

An app like the Webex Meetings app, you can join videoconferences and share audio, video, and content from any device.  In addition, there is a full-feature soft phone linked to the UOW corporate directory, group messaging to internal and external users, file sharing and whiteboarding.

For more detailed information, view our Webex Knowledge Base article.

Sharing and storing your data

If you are looking for options on how to share or store your data, UOW has multiple options available for staff and students including:

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