Password Management

UOW password


The UOW self-service password management tools allow you to manage your password anytime/anywhere without needing to contact IMTS.

The tools are easy to use, only take a few minutes to set up and allow you as a UOW account holder to manage your account passwords with secure online recovery, including SMS and alternate email options.

It is a requirement at UOW to have a password management security profile, so set yours up today to access to secure online recovery options for your UOW account password.

Having trouble accessing UOWmail? Contact us via email at for assistance.

Manage your password here

Need Help?

If you have any problems or questions you can also contact IMTS:

  • Students should contact IT Student Support on +61 2 4239 2000 or email
  • Staff should contact the IT Service Desk on +61 2 4221 3000 (extension 3000) or email
  • Staff & Students of international campuses should contact their local IT support

UOW password parameters

  1. A password must contain 8-31 characters.
  2. A password must only contain printable characters.
  3. A password is case sensitive, e.g. "a" is not the same as "A".
  4. A password cannot be re-used.
  5. A password cannot be based on your username (e.g. abc123) or your real name (e.g. jciti01) or any other personal information.
  6. A password must differ from your old password by at least 3 characters.