Teaching questionnaire

Completing the teaching questionnaire

If you've applied for a teaching course you'll need to complete an additional question about your motivation and suitability for teaching. A link to submit your response will be sent to you after you submit your Early Admission application, so be sure to allow time to draft and submit your response before 9 August 2024.

To access the question, you will need to first submit your initial application; then log back in and follow the prompts to select "Questionnaires".

You'll then be prompted to submit your written response. 

Tips for writing your response

You'll be asked to write a minimum of 100 words in response to the following question:
"What has inspired you to become a teacher, and why do you think teaching is a good career choice for you?"

When writing your response, consider including:

  • who and what has inspired you to become a teacher
  • the types of skills and abilities you will bring to teaching
  • any leadership or community activities you have engaged in.

Before you submit your response, be sure to check for spelling and grammatical errors.

Be sure to check your email regularly for feedback for, or outcomes of your responses. This will come from the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC).

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