Early Admission FAQs

Early Admission FAQs

Successful applicants will have received their official UOW offers on Monday, 10 October, before sitting their final exams.

If you are not successful in your Early Admission application, your application will be reassessed once your final year 12 results are released. We will use your subject results and ATAR to assess you for your original Early Admission course preference or preferences.

To be eligible to accept an offer, all Early Admission applicants must complete Year 12 and be eligible for the award of the Higher School Certificate, IB or interstate equivalent.

Short answer: now!

You’ll get three preferences for accommodation. The earlier you apply, the more likely you are to get your first accommodation preference, so we recommend submitting an application as soon as possible.

If you’ve received an Early Admission offer and have applied for UOW Accommodation by Tuesday, 11 October, you will be in the running for one of 24 Relocation Scholarships worth $5,000.

Steps on how to accept your offer will be outlined in your offer email sent on Monday, 10 October. There is no set time you need to have accepted the offer by.

The Early Admission system will only allow you to accept one offer.

However, if you change your mind, or accidentally accept the wrong course, there is no need to stress. Any UOW course you have met the requirements for, and have received an offer to, will still appear in the system as an option for you to select when you come to enroll.

Yes. If you received an offer through Early Admission, but you have decided you would like to study a different course at UOW, you can list this course on your regular UAC application and you will be assessed for this course on the basis of your final results and your ATAR in December.

If you were successful for an alternate course to the one you originally applied for, you will be reassessed for your original course when final results and ATARs are released in December. There is nothing you need to do for this to happen, we will reassess you through the Early Admission application portal when we receive your final results.

Yes. Accepting your offer does not lock you in to a particular course. You can still change your mind and still be eligible for offers to other courses.

If you would like to be considered for courses that are not listed in your Early Admission application you will need to apply through the University Admissions Centre (UAC).

Yes, you can defer your place at UOW for up to one year.

Once enrolment opens on Monday, 5 December, more details on how to defer your offer will be on the UOW Get Started page.

Please note: you cannot defer scholarship or accommodation offers. If you are planning to take a year off before commencing study with UOW, you will need to apply for scholarships and accommodation in the year before you commence study i.e. if you defer your offer until 2024, you will apply for scholarships and accommodation in the later half of next year.

Shortly after you have accepted your offer, UOW will send you an email with your next steps, so you will have all the information you need for when student enrolment opens on Monday 5 December.

Yes! Most UOW scholarship applications are open until Friday, 9 December 2022. You can read more about the range of scholarships on offer, how to apply, and any important dates on the future student scholarship page.

  • If successful for Early Admission, you can accept your offer right away via the Early Admission application portal. If you received two offers to UOW, accept the one that you would most like to study (you can still change your mind later!)
  • Accepting your offer will prompt our systems to generate a student number for you, which you will receive via email. This may take up to a week to arrive in your inbox. Once you receive your UOW student number, you will be able to start enrolling from Monday, 5 December.
  • Orientation week will be held from Tuesday, 21 February to Thursday, 23 February. O-Week is a great way to meet your classmates and teachers, join clubs and societies, and get to know your UOW campus.
  • University classes begin Monday, 27 February 2023.
  • The UOW Get Started page will be updated regularly to get you prepared for starting university in 2023.
  • Check your inbox! We will regularly communicate with you about what we need you to do. We will contact you via the email you used to apply

Classes will commence on Monday, 27 February 2023.

Orientation week (O-Week) will take place during the week prior from Tuesday, 21 February to Thursday, 23 February. O-Week is a fantastic opportunity to get to know the campus and the amazing opportunities that are here for UOW students, both in and out of the classroom.

Early Admission is just one way to get into UOW. If you received an email advising that you did not meet the UOW Early Admission criteria, you still have options.

Once your final results have been released, we will reassess you for your original Early Admission course preference or preferences. Following this, we may make you an offer as part of a later round in December or January.

Alternatively, you are still eligible to gain admission to other course options by applying through UAC and fulfilling the ATAR–based admissions requirements. You can learn more about ATAR-based admission via our high school student webpages.

Due to Australian privacy laws, information about a student’s application, offer, or enrolment, cannot be disclosed to a third party without written and signed consent.

As part of the application process, applicants can enter the name of a person who they authorise to act on their behalf. That person – and that person only – may be given information about the student's application.

If you are a parent seeking information regarding your child’s application and you are not listed as an authorised person on their application, you will need to ensure they have completed a consent to release form before we are able to respond. When completed, the consent form may be sent via email to futurestudents@uow.edu.au.

Please visit uow.edu.au/privacy for more information.

If you haven’t received any communication from UOW since submitting your Early Admission application, please call UOW Future Students on 1300 367 869 to confirm your outcome, and verify that we have the correct email address for your application.  

Please have your Early Admission application number on hand to help the team easily locate your application details. 

Our Future Students team are available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm on 1300 367 869. Our Future Students team are experienced staff who have previously studied at UOW to share their insights and past experiences.

You can also email the team at future-students@uow.edu.au