Working Paper Series 2010-2019

WP No. 13-01: Does the Military Train Men to be Violent Criminals? New Evidence from Australia's Conscription Lotteries

By Peter Siminski, Simon Ville and Alexander Paull

WP No. 13-02: Royalties, Entry and Spectrum Allocation to Broadcasting

By Amnon Levy, Michael R. Caputo and Benoet Pierre Freyens

WP No. 13-03: Would a rational underage binge-drink?

By Amnon Levy

WP No. 13-04: The Premium for Part-Time Work in Australia

By Iris Day and Joan Rodgers

WP No. 13-05: Family Impacts on Cognitive Development of Young Children: Evidence from Australia

By Jessica Meredith, Frank Neri and Joan Rodgers

WP No. 13-06: Knowledge economy approach in empirical growth models for the Nordic countries

By Arusha Cooray, Marcella Lucchetta and Antonio Paradiso

WP No. 11-01: Abstinence with Reputation Loss, Understating Expectations and Guilt and the Effectiveness of Emission Tax

By Amnon Levy

WP No. 11-02: Physiological, Gastronomic and Budgetary Aspects and the Diets of Perfectly and Imperfectly Lifetime-Rational Consumers

By Amnon Levy

WP No. 11-03: Optimal Control of Broadcasting Spectrum with a Variety-Reception Tradeoff and Consumers? Income Sensitivity

By Amnon Levy and Benoit Freyens

WP No. 11-04: The Social Cost of Blackmail

By Oleg Yerokhin

WP No. 11-05: A Fair and Equitable Method of Recruitment? Conscription by Ballot into the Australian Army during the Vietnam War

By Simon Ville and Peter Siminski

WP No. 11-06: An Integrative Model of Rational Diet and Physical Activity: Physiological, Gastronomic and Budgetary Aspects

By Amnon Levy

WP No. 11-07: Introduction to the Economics of Atmospheric Carbon-Dioxide Control

By Amnon Levy

WP No. 11-08: Emission-Photosynthesis Imbalance and Climate Change: Forest Land under Intensified Uncertainty and Expected Utility Maximization

By Amnon Levy

WP No. 11-09: A Stock Targeting International Carbon-Tax Rule with Uncertainty and Diminishing Compliancez Revised October 2012

By Amnon Levy

WP No. 11-10: Are Low Skill Public Sector Workers Really Overpaid? A Quasi-Differenced Panel Data Analysis

By Peter Siminski

WP No. 11-11: Dynamics, Structural Breaks and the Determinants of the Real Exchange Rate of Australia

By Khorshed Chowdhury

WP No. 11-12: Deterrminants of the Long-Run Growth Rate in the South-Asian Countries

By Arusha Cooray and B Bhaskara Rao


WP No. 10-01: Exploring Older Male Worker Labour Force Participation Across OECD Countries in the Context of Ageing Populations: A Reserve Army of Labour?

By Martin O'Brien



WP No. 10-02: Is the Age Gradient in Self-Reported Material Hardship Explained by Resources, Needs, Behaviours or Reporting Bias?

By Peter Siminski and Oleg Yerokhin

WP No. 10-03: The Financial Crisis 2007-08 and Causality: A Hicksian Perspective

By Eduardo Pol

WP No. 10-04: Firm Performance in Vietnam: Evidence from Manufacturing Small and Medium Enterprises

By Viet Le and Charles Harvie

WP No. 10-05: Identifying and Measuring Technical Inefficiency Factors: Evidence from Unbalanced Panel Data for Thai Listed Manufacturing Enterprises

By Yot Amornkitvikai and Charles Harvie

WP No. 10-06

Long-Run Mortality Effects of Vietnam-Era Army Service:
Evidence from Australia's Conscription Lotteries

By Peter Siminski and Simon Ville

WP No. 10-07

Optimal Control of Broadcasting Spectrum

By Amnon Levy and Benoit Freyens

WP No. 10-08

An Analysis of Productivity Changes in the Iranian banking Industry: a Bootstrapped Malmquist Approach

By Amir Arjomandi, Abbas Valadkhani, Charles Harvie

WP No. 10-09

An Empirical Analysis of International Stock Market Volatility Transmission

By Indika Karunanayake, Abbas Valadkhani, Martin O'Brien

WP No. 10-10

An Analysis of the World's Environment and Population Dynamics with Varying Carrying Capacity, Concerns and Skepticism

By Peter Berck, Amnon Levy, Khorshed Chowdhury

WP No. 10-11

Banks' Efficiency and Productivity Analysis Using the Hicks-Moorsteen Approach: A Case Study of Iran

By Amir Arjomandi, Abbas Valadkhani

WP No. 10-12

The Effect of Motherhood on Wages and Wage Growth:Evidence for Australia

By Tanya Livermore, Peter Siminski, Joan Rodgers

WP No. 10-13

Employment Effects of Army Service and Veterans' Compensation: Evidence from the Australian Vietnam-Era Conscription Lotteries

By Peter Siminski

WP No. 10-14

The Role of Education in Economic Growth

By Arusha Cooray