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We encourage prospective research students to consider the following topics under each discipline (with potential supervisory capacity as noted) but would emphasise that a student’s own topic will also be considered.

Stephanie Perkiss

  • Accounting and accountability for awareness of and action relating to the Sustainability Development Goals 
  • Moral accountability in action - accounting's role in the social phenomena of displacement due to sea level rise
  • A study of the economic impact of three Australian clinical quality registries

Bin Liu

  • Asset pricing issues in Asia-Pacific

Hilarie Tardif

  • Are they providing value for money?

Associate Professor Lowell Bautista

Law of the Sea, International marine environmental law, Territorial and maritime boundary issues in the Asia Pacific and the South China Sea, International humanitarian law, Underwater cultural heritage, Maritime piracy and terrorism, Public international law

Dr Charles Chew

Consumer protection; Banking and securities

Dr Victoria Colvin

Criminal law; Administrative law; Evidence; Legal ethics (public law focus); Property; Equity

Associate Professor Gabriel Garcia

Law and Development (rule of law and legal reforms in developing countries); International Economic Law (international financial institutions); Banking Law; Intellectual Property Law (IP and the Internet and IP and traditional knowledge); Corporations Law

Professor Warwick Gullet

Law of the sea; international fisheries law; Australian fisheries law and marine planning

Dr Niamh Kinchin

Administrative law, Constitutional law, Public law, Global governance, Global administrative law, refugee law

Associate Professor Marett Leiboff

Cultural Legal Studies, Legal Theory, Law and Humanities, Law and the Visual and Creative Arts, Cultural Heritage and Cultural Property Law, Media Law, Law and Popular Cultures, Law and Literature; Law and History; Legal Biography

Dr Kylie Lingard

Environmental law, Indigenous Peoples and Legal Issues, Natural Resources Law, Intellectual Property – copyright, patents, plant breeders, and trademark law; Participatory mechanisms in Law, cultural heritage law and indigenous people; biotechnology law

Professor Colin B. Picker

International law, international economic law, comparative law, US law

Professor Julia Quilter

Homicide, public order and drug and alcohol related offending

Dr Luis Gomez Romero

Theories of justice; Human rights; New approaches to international law (NAIL); Third world approaches to international law (TWAIL); Cultural Legal Studies; Latin American Legal Studies; Legal Utopianism

Professor Greg Rose

International Law including International Environmental Law, International Criminal Law, International Trade Law, Law of the Sea, Maritime Environmental Law

Professor Nan Seuffert

Securities regulation, contract, legal theory, critical legal theory (including feminist legal theory, critical theory approaches to contract, feminist approaches to law and the law and society in domestic violence, as well as CLT generally), race gender

Associate Professor Cassandra Sharp

Law and Popular Culture, Cultural Legal Studies, Law and Humanities, Law and Literature, Legal Ethics, Legal Education

Associate Professor Sheikh Solaiman

Securities regulation law, corporations law, Australian business law, Asian business law, food safety law

Marco Amaral Feris

Enhancing the Quality of Planning of Software Development Projects [see for more information]

Kathleen Clapham

Caring for Community – exploring the value of Aboriginal community organisations

Alan Pomering

  • The confluence of marketing and sustainability [various contexts, e.g. manufacturing, tourism]
  • The confluence of marketing and corporate social responsibility (CSR) [various contexts]

Paul Chad

  • The Use of a Market Orientation within Non-profit Organisations
  • Consumer Behaviour of Shoppers of Second-hand Goods
  • Why do people donate their time (volunteer) or donate second-hand goods to charities?
  • How to conduct Corporate Rebranding Effectively

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