Elite Athlete Program

Elite Athlete Program

Sponsored by the Faculty of Business and Law

UOW is part of the Australian Institute of Sport Elite Athlete Education Network (EAEN), which supports Australia’s elite athletes to achieve academic excellence whilst also pursuing a sporting career. To be eligible for the Elite Athlete Program (sponsored by the Faculty of Business and Law) you need to meet the criteria set out by the Australian Institute of Sport.

If you take part in high-level sporting activities, you might be eligible for UOW’s Elite Athlete Program. We are committed to help you perform to your best ability academically whilst studying with the UOW, and at the same time performing as an Elite Athlete in your chosen sport.

Contacts us

If you have any questions about the EAP or the application process please do not hesitate to register your interest or contact the Elite Athlete Program Manager (Interim) directly on jono_keyes@uow.edu.au.