About epiCentre

epiCentre (ePPOC Patient Information Centre) is a software program that has been purpose-built for pain services participating in ePPOC. It has been designed as an easy to use tool for services to collect information about patients, the interventions they receive and their outcomes. The incorporation of a web-based application (REDCap) into epiCentre allows patients to complete assessment tools and outcome measures online and/or offsite, saving staff data entry time.


The main features of epiCentre include:

  • A user-friendly interface for data entry
  • Individual patient reports monitoring progress and change during the episode
  • An option for secure web-based completion of questionnaires by patients
  • Data security, such that only designated staff at a pain service have access to the data
  • Automatic scoring of assessment tools
  • A 'workflow' and built-in reminders to assist with patient follow-up.

Pain services participating in ePPOC are licensed to use epiCentre at no cost.