electronic Persistent Pain Outcomes Collaboration

The electronic Persistent Pain Outcomes Collaboration (ePPOC) is an Australasian initiative that aims to improve outcomes for people who experience chronic pain.

ePPOC involves the collection of a standard set of information by specialist pain services. This information is used to guide treatment for individual patients, measure outcomes following treatment and provide a benchmarking system for the pain sector. The benchmarking system is designed to provide comparative data to each pain service, identify best practice protocols and clinical variation, and drive quality improvement through setting aspirational targets for patient outcomes. The information collected by pain services also provides a valuable resource for research into the management of pain in Australia and New Zealand.

ePPOC is an initiative of the Faculty of Pain Medicine and was established in 2013 with funding from the NSW Ministry of Health. Over 90 adult and paediatric pain management services currently participate in ePPOC.

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