Healthy at work

Your workstation and you

Here at the University of Wollongong, WHS would like to raise awareness of the risks of prolonged sitting by asking employees to consider changing their workstation culture to promote movement in the workplace.

Ergonomic workstation setup provides information on setting up adjustable workstations, working with laptops, working from home or any other workstation matter.


Although you may be hesitant to stretch at work, keep in mind all the benefits of adding stretching to your day-to-day routine.

Stretching improves your flexibility - our posture at work, sitting for hours a day, wreaks havoc on the natural curvature of our spine. If your back feels tight and uncomfortable completing a few stretches every day will help relieve the tension and ultimately increase your flexibility.

Stretching leaves you feeling refreshed - taking time for a break between or during activities can improve your work flow and productivity. Stepping away from your desk and stretching, like all types of exercise, acts as a powerful form of stress relief. Gentle stretching exercises, relax tense muscles associated with stress and has the same endorphin boosting effects as other forms of exercise, improving your mood and the way you feel in general.

Stretching also promotes increased circulation - increasing blood flow and supply of nutrients around the body has positive flow on effects for your health, promoting cell growth and repair and proper organ function. Your skin also benefits from an increase in blood circulation, fighting infection and improving your overall well being.

To help you out, Well@Work have designed a stretch poster with stretches you can complete quickly and easily in order to reap the benefits of physical activity at work. So make it routine and don't feel awkward, be the trend setter and get stretching!


Stretch@work video

Working at a desk and sitting all day can be taxing on your mind, and your body! Giving yourself 5-10 minute intervals throughout the day to stretch can work to counteract the negative consequences of sitting for hours upon hours a day.