LivingWorks Suicide Prevention Training

UOW is aware of the importance of suicide prevention and has partnered with LivingWorks Suicide Prevention to deliver various courses to better equip staff and students with the skills needed to support their peers.
LivingWorks is an organisation with an industry-leading approach to suicide prevention. These courses include honest, open and direct talk about suicide. Participants will be encouraged to help prepare discussions with persons at risk.
The goal of these courses is to empower everyone to play a role and help keep communities everywhere safe from suicide.

By completing one or more of the LivingWorks courses you will:

  • recognise signs that someone is at risk from suicide and know where to refer the person to support pathways
  • deeply listen and engage
  • engage in problem solving capacity and help the person develop a safety plan
  • ASIST participants will receive a certificate of completion (requirement to attend the full 2 day interactive program)

For more information on the different LivingWorks training courses, please view the UOW LivingWorks Suicide Prevention Postvention Training pack

Registrations are now open for the training.
Session dates and times can be found here: Session information: LivingWorks Suicide Prevention training

There are a number of support services available for staff and students to access if they require further support:
- LivingWorks Training Support Resources - Students
- LivingWorks Training Support Resources - Staff 

Mental health training courses

UOW is continuing the roll out of two face to face Mental Health training courses:

  1. Mental Health Awareness and Intervention
  2. Mental Health Leadership Program

Feedback has been very positive, with staff stating:

  • ‘Great course - Very practical and useful’
  • ‘Created a safe space to discuss and ask questions’

There are also online mental health training programs that can be completed by staff at any time:

  1. Mental Health Awareness - Employees
  2. Mental Health Awareness - Leaders

These training courses align with the UOW workplace mental health strategy, which can be found on the Well@Work Healthy Mind page.

For more information on the above courses and how to enrol, please visit the PODS Staff Development Calendar (Intranet).

Upcoming Mindarma events

Your Brain in Nature webinar
Monday 6 November 2023 at 12pm AEDT

Panel discussion

Support your mental wellbeing in the most natural way possible.
Join our expert panel as we explore the growing science and remarkable benefits of bringing your brain back to nature.
Register for this webinar and find out more information