Training courses

The University of Wollongong is committed to providing appropriate training to ensure employee, students, contractors and visitors have the skills and knowledge necessary to fulfil their WHS obligations. There are 3 categories of WHS training:

  1. Generic WHS Training - skills and knowledge which is commonly required, for example induction training, WHS risk management training, evacuation procedures.
  2. Risk Specific WHS Training – training required for those persons conducting activities with a specific risk to health and safety or a verification activity, for example first aid training, biosafety, radiation safety training, hazardous substances training.
  3. Task Specific WHS Training - skills which are required depending on the specific hazards and risk, for example local process, operating equipment & plant.

Information on WHS training courses is located on the PODs Staff Development Calendar (Intranet).

Online training courses

The WHS unit has developed a number of generic and risk specific training course which are available to both staff and students.

Online generic WHS courses (applicable to everyone)

Risk specific training courses (may be applicable based on role)

Note: If you need manual enrolment into an online course by the WHS Unit:

Instructor-Led WHS training - How to enrol

UOW Staff: You are able to nominate for most WHS courses through Unified. (Note: You can find a calendar view for the year on the Career and Development intranet page

Staff of UOW Entities (UOW Global Enterprises and UOW Pulse): Please complete a Course Nomination form and submit to a minimum of 10 days prior to a course start date. 

Students: Please complete the Course Nomination Form and submit to a minimum of 10 days prior to a course start date.

Your nomination form will be reviewed, and your application status will be advised by the Professional and Organisational Development Services (PODS) team)

For further information on a course or how to enrol in a training course please contact PODS via or by phoning 4221 5902 (press option 2 for Career Development and Learning). 

For students want to access information on the list of WHS Training available, please visit our WHS Training Schedule 2024. It is important to discuss any training opportunity with your supervisor prior to enrolling.