Financial Inclusion Action Plan

Statement of Commitment

UOW is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion for both our students and staff. We are pleased to join the Financial Inclusion Action Plan (FIAP) program, led by Good Shepherd, to take strategic and impactful actions to improve the financial inclusion of our students and staff.

UOW aims to provide every student with the opportunity to succeed in their studies. We also recognise that excellence in research, teaching and community engagement can only be achieved by attracting and retaining a socially diverse and inclusive workforce of staff. With the rising cost of living, UOW is committed to taking action to support our students and staff to thrive.

For us, equity is a conscious action, an enduring ethos woven into the University. It’s our collective ambition and our shared responsibility. Our FIAP will form part of the University’s Strategy for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and Student Success. UOW is a signatory to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the actions committed in our FIAP will contribute to 12 of the 17 SDGs that aim to reduce poverty and increase economic growth through sustained partnerships.

We are proud to work with Good Shepherd to develop and implement our FIAP to continue our ongoing commitment to staff and student equity at UOW.

Our Commitment

UOW is looking forward to improving the financial inclusion and wellbeing of both our students and staff through the FIAP program. Our first step is to develop our Foundation FIAP with input from across UOW, which will launch early in 2024. Our plan will formalise our commitment to improving financial inclusion in the following action areas:

Products and Services

We are committed to increasing access for students and staff to financial support across our multi-campus university footprint.

We are aiming to understand the needs of our students and staff and to develop financial assistance and crisis support that enable them to progress through their studies and positively engage in the workplace. We will take steps to address food insecurity, placement poverty and other financial challenges that face our students and staff in the current economic climate.

Additionally, we will increase the visibility of existing supports that are available across UOW.

Financial Literacy and Capability

We are committed to enhancing the financial literacy and capabilities of our students and our staff.

We will build upon existing student financial capability programs by leveraging the expertise and programs available through FIAP partners to build the financial literacy of staff and students across the institution.

Understanding of Financial Vulnerability

UOW is committed to student and staff equity and to fostering an environment where every person has the opportunity to succeed and reach their full potential. We are committed to reducing the systemic barriers to full participation in higher education and embracing the richness of our diverse student and staff cohort.

Through co-design with students and staff, we are committed to increasing our understanding of their financial vulnerability and putting in place a range of actions to support them.

Economic Security

A university education is demonstrated to be fundamental for increasing social mobility for students from underrepresented backgrounds, and subsequently has a positive impact on economic security. We are committed to producing graduates that can have thriving lives post their university education and contribute back to their communities and broader society.


Financial Inclusion Action Plan [PDF 574kb]