Student feedback surveys

Subject and Teacher Evaluation by Students surveys

Subject and Teacher Evaluation by Students (SEBS and TEBS) surveys are conducted online at specific times throughout the year, usually towards the end of each session.

SEBS and TEBS provide students with an opportunity to make their voice heard on important aspects of learning and teaching at UOW, and feedback is used to enhance subjects for students in the future. Student insights are also invaluable in helping teaching staff to improve subject delivery, teaching practices and learning outcomes.

When completing the survey, students are asked to provide honest and constructive feedback that is respectful of others and does not name individuals.

Further information on these surveys, including survey questions, is available via the resources section.

Give your feedback in confidence

SEBS and TEBS surveys are confidential. All responses are de-identified, which means teachers, subject coordinators and faculty staff will not be able to identify individual students in any of the reports.

Students are reminded not to include identifying information within responses to the 'open comments' questions, as this information may be available in the survey results.

For more information, please read the Privacy Statement.

What you say will never influence your marks

Student responses to survey questions never influence results or marks for a subject.

De-identified reports from each survey are not made available to staff until results for the subject have been released to students.

Constructive feedback helps us make decisions

Feedback should be constructive, accurate and as detailed as possible, keeping in mind that respectful, issue-focussed suggestions for improvements encourages innovation and professional development.

Your feedback can make a big difference.

Find out how feedback has led to change

SEBS results are released to students each year and are available on this webpage.

Subject Moodle sites are also utilised by teaching staff to inform students of the changes implemented as a result of student feedback.

National Surveys

Student Experience Survey

The Student Experience Survey (SES) is a national survey funded by the Australian Government. This survey aims to compare the student experience offered at all Australian universities, and it is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students studying in Australia. Information collected in the SES helps higher education institutions and the government improve teaching and learning outcomes for students.

The SES is conducted annually in August and September.

Graduate Outcomes Survey

Approximately four to six months after you complete your studies, you will be asked to complete a Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS). The GOS measures short-term employment outcomes including skills utilisation, further study activities, and graduate satisfaction.

Both these surveys provide the source of comparative information on the Australian Government’s ComparED website.



Subject and Teacher Evaluations by Students - Privacy statement

These surveys are conducted in accordance with the University's Subject and Teacher Evaluation Procedures. Your responses to each survey will be managed in accordance with UOW's Data Governance Procedure and reported in an aggregated manner.  No individual will be identified in the reporting of the survey results.  Please note, if you include identifying information in free text responses this may be available in the survey results.

The University will collect your personal information for the purpose of collating survey results and verifying that you are eligible to submit a survey response.  This information is personal information for the purposes of the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW).  The University uses a third party (Explorance Inc) to provide the technology platform for this survey on behalf of the University. However, storage and processing of all information collected is subject to strict data security controls.

The supply of this personal information is voluntary.  If you choose not to provide the information requested, you may not be able to complete the survey. You have the right of access to personal information held about you by the University and the right to request correction and amendment of it.  The University handles your personal information in accordance with the UOW Privacy Policy and Privacy Management Plan. For more information visit the UOW Privacy website.