Student FAQs

If you are happy with the subject, tell someone. If only negative points are raised and addressed, the subject/content may also change adversely.

Let your lecturer/tutor know that they are getting it right. Everybody likes to be praised and hear good feedback.

For quality assurance purposes and to make the survey responses statistically valid, we need a good proportion of students to respond.

All evaluation surveys are completely confidential.

Even though you log in to complete the survey, all data is completely de-identified before survey responses are passed to teaching staff or Subject Coordinators in survey reports.

De-identified comments may be discussed with the Head of School through subject/school review processes, but are otherwise for the teaching staff to improve the subject or for professional development.

Online evaluation surveys take a minute to complete using the Likert scale tick boxes, but may take longer depending on how many comments are made in the additional comments fields.  

Open, honest, constructive feedback is encouraged. It is important to avoid comments that are harassing, offensive or discriminatory in nature.

Subject Evaluations by Students (SEBS) Surveys are available from the start of week 12 of a standard session and remain open until midnight on the last day of final exams. For trimesters, surveys are available from the start of week 9 and remain open for 4 weeks.

Teaching Evaluation by Students (TEBS) Surveys are available as requested by teaching staff (lecturers and tutors) during the teaching session.

You will receive communications from the University to let you know how and when the surveys are available and reminders to fill them in.

Students are emailed an invitation with a generic link to the evaluation platform to their UOW email account.

Non-responders are encouraged to complete surveys through reminder emails sent periodically.

Surveys are available within the online evaluation platform. This may be accessed:

  • directly through the generic link within the invitation/reminder emails
  • the links found in Moodle

Once logged in, a student will be able to see the survey links available at that time.
For example, if the student is enrolled in four subjects taught in the same study period, four subject survey links will display within the student's portal view until they expire.

Once surveys expire or are completed, the links disappear from view and are no longer available for the student to complete.

The platform is web-based and allows access through any internet connected device (mobile, tablet, laptop, desk top computer) at any time (day or night) on or off campus until the survey expires.

Please contact the IMTS help desk for login issues such as your password not working.

Contact the Education Evaluation Team on (02) 4221 3113 or email


If you have changed your mind on one or more of your submitted survey responses and it is before the closing date of the survey, contact the Education Evaluation Team on (02) 4221 3113 or (02) 4221 5208 or email and let them know the  subject for which you wanting your responses deleted.  Once your responses have been deleted, you can resubmit your responses for that survey.

Evaluation surveys are administered through the Evaluations Team within the Academic Quality and Standards Unit. All the data is reported to the Schools and Faculties by this central unit.

The survey feedback is used to improve learning and teaching.

Full survey reports are provided to the teaching staff and Subject Coordinators, with summary reports provided to the Heads of School and other senior academic leaders.

No. SEBS survey reports are released at the end of session after examination results are finalised and are completely confidential.  All information provided to teaching staff and Subject Coordinator is de-identified.