Staff FAQs

Data is provided from the Student Management system (SMP) and the Course Management system (COSMOS). This includes the subject ownership hierarchy used for reporting.

If data provided for the survey is incorrect, for example the subject name is incorrect or the allocated teacher is incorrect, your faculty administrator will need to amend the information at the source – either in SMP or COSMOS.

Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the data prior to survey release, however it may not always be possible to amend data being used for live surveys post release. E.g. Changes to hierarchies implemented during a survey period may only come into effect during the next survey period.

Should there be a business need to change the standard survey start and/or end dates before the scheduled start date, your STEP Faculty Administrator is authorised to make such changes.  Should your Faculty Administrator not be available, contact the Education Evaluation Team on (02) 4221 5208 or email and they will be able to assist you with the required date changes.  Note once a SEBS or TEBS email has been sent to students, the dates cannot be amended.  Refer to the Faculty Rep DIG and QP User guide on the Subject Evaluation Survey intranet website.  

Yes, you are able to add up to 2 x Likert Scale Questions and 1 x Student Free Text Comments Question to the survey.  A Question Bank is available from which you can select questions - see the Subject Evaluation Survey intranet website.

Alternatively, you are able to create your own specific questions should you choose to do so.  Once your subject has been selected to be evaluated by your STEP Faculty Administrator you, as the Subject Coordinator, will receive an email from the Subject and Teacher Evaluation Platform with a link to add these additional optional questions.

Yes, you can.  There is an activity option available on your Moodle site menu list titled Subject Evaluation by Students which can be selected.  A user guide on how to do this is available on the Subject Evaluation Survey intranet website.

Yes, you can monitor response rates in real time on your STEP Dashboard. You access the dashboard via the UOW Intranet Home Page under the Online UOW Systems Applications menu, or via the link embedded in the email you will receive as the Subject Coordinator once the survey is open for students to complete. Your UOW username and email password  will allow you to access this platform.

If a student has a change of mind on one or more of their already submitted survey responses and it is before the closing date of the survey, contact the Education Evaluation Team on (02) 4221 5208 or email and let them know which subject and the student’s name. Their submitted survey form can be manually returned by our team to enable them to amend their responses.

The names of the subject coordinators are extracted from the COSMOS system and should be identical to the Course Handbook subject entries.

In the instance where there may be two subject coordinators, a Primary Subject Coordinator should be nominated by the School to receive the Subject Survey Report. The recipient is asked to share the survey information with the rest of the teaching team.

If a name is not available within COSMOS, the Subject Survey Report is provided to the Head of School to ensure that the feedback is received by the School.

Before contacting the Evaluations Team or Head of School with an enquiry, please:

  • check the COSMOS subject entry to confirm your name has been provided as Primary Subject Coordinator.
  • check the Course Handbook subject entry to confirm your name has been provided.
  • check that the Primary Subject Coordinator has received the report but has forgotten to forward it to you.