Performance and Remuneration Committee

Terms of reference

The Performance and Remuneration Committee is a sub-committee of the University Council and is responsible for:

  1. Developing policies and other material for the recruitment and appointment of the Vice-Chancellor for the University Council’s approval;
  2. Aligning the Vice-Chancellor’s performance targets with the University’s objectives and monitoring and reporting on the Vice-Chancellor’s performance;
  3. Monitoring succession plans for the Vice-Chancellor and the Vice-Chancellor’s senior executive as developed by the Vice-Chancellor;
  4. Determining the remuneration of the Vice-Chancellor;
  5. Approving the remuneration of the Senior Executive on the recommendation of the Vice-Chancellor
  6. Reviewing the remuneration policy for members of the Vice-Chancellor’s senior executive as recommended by the Vice-Chancellor and monitoring the application of that policy;

Access to Information and Independent Advice

The Committee may take such independent legal, financial remuneration or other advice as it considers necessary.


Performance and Remuneration Committee minutes are to be tabled as confidential items at the next University Council meeting following the Committee meeting along with any recommendations of the Committee.

UCC’s Australian Universities Vice-Chancellor and Senior Staff Remuneration Code

The Performance and Remuneration Committee will work towards the implementation of the University Chancellors Council’s Vice-Chancellor and Senior Staff Remuneration Code (2021) and adhere to its principles of competitive, appropriate and transparent remuneration.

Committee Performance

To determine whether it is functioning effectively, the Committee shall periodically review its outcomes and performance.


The Performance and Remuneration Committee will consist of:

  1. The Chancellor (Chair);
  2. Two Deputy Chancellors; and
  3. At least two members drawn from the external members of the University Council.

The Chief Operating Officer and Secretary to Council or their nominee will act as Secretary to the Committee.
The Vice-Chancellor will be present for all discussions relating to other members of the Senior Executive of the University and as otherwise requested by the Chancellor.


A quorum will be three members.


  1. The Committee is to meet as requested by the Chair.
  2. Committee meetings will be held not less than twice a year.

Current members

Ms C McLoughlin Chancellor (Chair)
Mr R Ryan Deputy Chancellor and External member of Council
Mr D Groves External member of Council
Mr W Shanks External member of Council