Honorary Awards Committee

The Honorary Awards Committee considers and recommends to University Council the awarding of Honorary Degrees, Emeritus Professorships, University Fellowships and Community Fellowship Awards.

The Committee also considers and approves nominations for UOW Alumni Awards.

The Committee may also recommend candidates to be nominated for Australian Honours, such as Companion of the Order of Australia, or Officer of the Order of Australia. 

Deliberations of the Committee take place at least once per year and are strictly confidential.

Terms of reference

The Honorary Awards Committee (the Committee) is a formally constituted committee of the University Council.

The Committee shall make recommendations to Council, under approved procedures and criteria, on:

  1. the award of University Fellowships
  2. the award of Honorary Doctorates
  3. the award of the title of Emeritus Professor; and
  4. the award of Community Fellowship Awards

The Committee can also approve:

  1. UOW Alumni Award recipients; and
  2. Candidates to be nominated for Australian Honours, e.g. Companion of the Order of Australia and Officer of the Order of Australia

The Committee's deliberations are confidential.

The Committee may, if it considers it more appropriate, recommend that a candidate nominated for a particular Honorary Award category be considered for a different Honorary Award.


The Honorary Awards Committee shall consist of:

  • The Chancellor as Chair (ex officio
  • Vice-Chancellor as Deputy Chair (ex officio
  • The Chair of the Academic Senate (ex officio
  • The Director of Advancement (ex officio
  • Two members of the University Council (who may be either Council-appointed members of Council or Ministerially-appointed members of Council), appointed to the Committee by Council
  • Two senior members of the Academic Staff of the University, appointed to the Committee by Council on the recommendation of the Vice-Chancellor

The Director, Governance and Safe and Respectful Communities will be a standing attendee as Secretary to Council.

Wherever possible, both genders should be represented on the Committee.

Unless otherwise provided, the term of office of all appointed members shall be two years.

Committee members wanting to take leave of absence during their term should seek the approval of the Committee. Any short term membership replacements will be a matter for the Chair and the Committee to determine.


All agenda papers for the Honorary Awards Committee are STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and full details of the nominations, including the names of those submitting them, remain confidential. The names of those candidates approved by the Council are released ONLY after the candidates have accepted the offer of an award.


The quorum for a meeting shall be five of the eight members.

Meeting frequency

The Committee will meet at least once per year.

Current members

Ms Christine McLoughlin Chancellor and Chair
Prof Patricia Davidson Vice-Chancellor
Prof Greg Rose Chair of Academic Senate
Prof Grace McCarthy Senior Academic Staff Member
Ms Natalie Piucco External Member of University Council
Mr Warwick Shanks External Member of University Council
Distinguished Professor Richard "Bert" Roberts Senior Academic Staff Member
Mrs Emily Osborne Interim Director, Advancement

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