People and Culture Committee

Terms of reference

1. Introduction/Purpose

The People and Culture Committee is a formally constituted committee of University Council with particular responsibility for advising Council on the University’s workforce strategies relating to human resources, culture and health, safety and wellbeing.

Strategic Framework

UOW’s Strategic Plan 2020 - 2025 identifies People and Culture as two of the organisations strategic enablers. The Strategic Plan outlines the University’s commitment to attracting and retaining the best talent and continuously developing its people. It also confirms the importance of a culture characterised by excellence, collaboration, agility, nimbleness and responsiveness.

University of Wollongong Values

  • Intellectual Openness
  • Excellence and Dedication
  • Empowerment and Academic Freedom
  • Mutual Respect and Diversity
  • Recognition and Performance

2. Responsibilities

The People and Culture Committee shall be responsible for:

1. Overseeing alignment of the University’s workforce strategies with the University’s strategic and organisational plans

2. Monitoring strategies to manage and enhance the University’s workforce, including with regard to:

2.1. attraction, retention, remuneration, performance management, development and succession planning of academic and professional staff;

2.2. equity and diversity;

2.3. external and internal developments, drivers and risks; and

2.4. enterprise bargaining and other industrial relations matters.

3. Monitoring strategies to enhance people, culture and organisational effectiveness, including with regard to:

3.1. institutional values and culture;

3.2. staff engagement including staff communication and consultation; and

3.3. staff health, safety and wellbeing.

4. Overseeing staff-related policies, processes and frameworks.

3. Membership

1. The People and Culture Committee shall consist of:

a) the Chair of the Committee, who is appointed by Council and must be an external Council member

b) the Vice-Chancellor

c) the Academic Senate Chair

d) one (1) elected staff member of Council appointed by Council

f) one (1) elected student member of Council appointed by Council; and

g) up to two (2) external members (external to the Council and not a current staff member or current student of the University of Wollongong) with appropriate professional expertise and experience, who will be recommended by the Chair and approved by Council.

2. Unless otherwise provided, the term of office of all Committee members shall be two years. Re-appointments are permitted.

3. The Committee must include representatives from more than one gender.

4. Committee members wanting to take leave of absence during their term should seek the approval of the Committee.  Any short term membership replacements will be a matter for the Chair and the Committee to determine.

5. The following University officers shall be standing attendees:

a) Chief Operating Officer

b) Director of Human Resources.

4. Meetings and Quorum

  1. The Committee meets up to four times per year. Additional meetings may be called at the discretion of the Chair.
  2. The quorum for a meeting shall be a majority of the total number of members.

5. Agenda and Minutes

  1. Secretariat support is provided to the Committee by the Governance Unit.
  2. The Committee Executive Officer will prepare the draft agenda for approval of the Committee Chair for circulation at least seven days prior to the scheduled meeting.
  3. The Committee Executive Officer will prepare the minutes of the committee meeting within seven working days of each meeting and forward the draft minutes to the Chair.
  4. After the Committee Chair has reviewed the minutes, the draft minutes are to be circulated to all Committee members.
  5. The minutes of the meetings will be ratified and signed at the next Committee meeting.
  6. Each set of minutes will be presented to the next available Council meeting. 

6. Evaluation and Review

  1. To ensure the Committee is fulfilling its objectives, the Committee will:
  2. conduct an biennial assessment of its performance against its Terms of Reference and provide a report of its findings to the Council;
  3. note feedback and recommendations resulting from the Council’s review of the performance of its committees;
  4. review, at least every three years, the Committee Terms of Reference and, in conjunction with the Secretary to Council, recommend to Council any appropriate amendments for approval.

Current members

Name Position
Warwick Shanks OAM External member of Council (Chair)
Professor Patricia Davidson Vice-Chancellor
Professor Nina Reynolds Academic Senate Chair
Nieves Murray Council Member
Lara Warwick Student Member of Council