Professor Nina Reynolds

Chair of Academic Senate

Term expires 31 July 2024 Ex Officio.

Professor Nina Reynolds commenced in the role of Chair of Academic Senate on 1 August 2022. She was previously Deputy Chair of Academic Senate and a member of Academic Senate from 2017. As a member of Academic Senate she has participated in a number of committees including: the Strategic Course Development Committee, the University Education Committee, and the Professorial Promotions Committee. Nina has also participated in other university governance roles at UOW and in other institutions including: Ally Network Advisory Committee; as Chair of the Faculty Investigation Committee; the Discipline Lead/Head of Group Research Cluster Head; Doctoral Program Coordinator, and Academic Program Director.

Nina Reynolds is a Professor of Marketing in the Faculty of Business and Law at the University of Wollongong. She has a PhD in International Marketing Research, an MPhil in Questionnaire Design and two bachelor's degrees (with Honours), one in American Management Studies, one in Psychology.

Nina is interested in how consumers' behaviour and marketing can impact on individual and social wellbeing. She has several projects and supervises a number of research students considering different issues in this area. Nina is also interested in understanding research methods. Her research methods interests have previously focused on (cross-national) survey research, however, her current focus in this area is on digital research methods. Her work has mainly appeared in marketing and management journals.

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Chair of the Academic Senate