Quality Assurance Review Group (QARG)

Terms of reference

The Quality Assurance Review Group (QARG) is a subcommittee of Academic Senate responsible for undertaking a final quality assurance review of each full course proposal endorsed by the relevant Faculty. Proposals may relate to a new course, major study or specialisation, or an amended or discontinued course offered by the University of Wollongong, as set out by and in accordance with the Course and Subject Approval Procedures: New Offerings and Discontinuations.

The QARG is to:

  • Consider course proposals presented in accordance with its role as detailed in the relevant procedures
  • Ensure all required aspects of course approval process as detailed in the relevant procedures have been completed
  • Ensure the course structure satisfies external and UOW policy requirements
  • Ensure the course proposal is consistent with the approved course concept and business case with consideration of the ECAC report (if any) and other feedback
  • Where appropriate, request further information from a Faculty or delegated authority about the course proposal.
  • Where appropriate, endorse course proposals
  • Where appropriate, impose conditions on endorsement of course proposals
  • Determine the final approval pathway for course proposals
  • Seek to resolve issues identified with course proposals by negotiation through the Associate Dean (Education) of the course-owning faculty.

The QARG will report to the Academic Senate concerning the business discharged by the Group at each meeting.


The Quality Assurance Review Group shall consist of:

  • Chair of Academic Senate as Chair
  • Director, Academic Quality and Standards
  • Director, Learning, Teaching and Curriculum, or nominee
  • Chair of Head of Students (HoSts), or nominee

For a fixed term of two (2) years:

  • Two (2) senior academics, active in teaching and learning, to be selected by the Chair using an expression of interest process

Committee members seeking to take a leave of absence during their term should seek the approval of the Committee via the Chair and the Executive Officer. Any short-term membership replacements for members on a leave of absence will be a matter for the Chair and the Committee to determine.


The quorum for a meeting shall be half the membership plus one.

Conduct of business

The Committee will conduct its business by way of formal committee procedures. All course proposals will be the subject of discussion. In cases where further information concerning a course proposal is requested, QARG will specify whether a formal response by a Faculty or delegated authority is required or recommended.

By invitation from the Committee, Faculties may nominate staff to attend the meeting, speak in support of a course proposal on the agenda and respond to any questions and comments made by members of the Committee on that proposal. To facilitate orderly conduct of the business, Faculties should inform the Executive Officer of the intention to attend and discuss any proposal at least one day prior to the meeting.

Circular resolution processes

In exceptional circumstances where Committee business must be transacted between formal meetings of the Committee, and with approval from the Chair, the Committee may consider and pass a resolution without a Committee meeting being held.

Circular resolutions should only be used for matters which do not require lengthy discussion by the Committee members. Where the Chair considers the matter requires detailed debate and that the circumstances are exceptional, the Chair may alternatively direct that an extraordinary meeting of the Committee is held to consider the matter.

The request to consider a proposed circular resolution is issued by either the Chair, or the Executive Officer acting on behalf of the Chair. All members entitled to vote on the resolution must be provided with an opportunity to vote on the resolution.  The timeframe for members to consider and vote on the proposed resolution and the format that will be accepted must be made clear in that request.  Once the Chair of the Committee has been advised of the outcome of the circular resolution, it will be communicated to the Committee members.

The passing of a circular resolution shall require the assent of half the membership plus one.

Meeting frequency

The Committee will meet at least six (6) times per year.

Version approved: 8 March 2023

Current QARG members

Role Name
Chair of Academic Senate as Chair Professor Nina Reynolds
Director, Academic Quality and Standards Mr Dominic Riordan
Director, Learning, Teaching and Curriculum, or nominee Dr Alyce Mason
Chair of Head of Students (HoSts), or nominee Dr Tim Byron
Senior Academic Representative A/Prof Venkat Yanamandram
Senior Academic Representative A/Prof Jun Yan