Carrie Wilkinson


PhD title: Beyond Mains Water: A study of households that are self-sufficient for water in regional NSW

My doctoral research focuses on the practices and experiences of households that are self-sufficient for water in regional New South Wales (NSW), Australia. Specifically, I am interested in residents’ engagements with the materiality of non-mains water sources and infrastructure, namely the rainwater tank and rainwater. By taking seriously the vitality of rainwater and the infrastructure of rainwater tanks in domestic water relations I aim to better understand the vulnerabilities and adaptive capacities of households that are self-sufficient for water in a changing climate. My exploration of domestic water relations is informed by more-than-human geographies and research praxis.


Journal Papers

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  • 2016 Recipient of competitive travel scholarship from the NCCARF Vulnerable Communities Network to attend the NCCARF-CSIRO Conference
  • 2013 NSW Geographical Society Jim Rose Geography Award for Highly Commended Presentation on a Human Geography topic
  • 2013 Illawarra Prize for Highest Mark (First Class) in Bachelor of Science Honours Fourth Year Earth and Environmental Sciences