Liberal Arts

Core curriculum like no other

Transform your intellectual horizons as you study our carefully curated core curriculum. You will participate in great conversations through which you will engage, in-depth and detail, with some of the most powerful intellectual and artistic works ever produced. 

UOW’s Bachelor of Arts in Western Civilisation embraces an educational mission to instil a spirit of open inquiry in all of our students. They are equipped to be intellectually humble yet fearless in their evaluation of possible answers to the most challenging and abiding questions. 

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We offer a full range of study options including; a 3-year single degree; a 3-year degree plus an honours year; or a full 5-year double-degree program with either Bachelor of Law, Politics, Philosophy and Economics, International Studies, or Creative Arts.

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[Senior Professor Daniel D. Hutto, Head of School of Liberal Arts] 

The University of Wollongong’s Bachelor of Arts in Western Civilisation opens up a new chapter in the future of Australian higher education. Our philosophically grounded degree is distinct in its conception and scope. It is an original and progressive liberal arts degree – unlike any other found in Australia or the rest of the world. 

This degree is designed as a series of sixteen well-crafted thematic and period-based intellectual adventures in which you must put your minds to work in studying exemplary works of art, literature, religion, philosophy, politics, and science that form the cornerstones of Western civilisation. You will also extend your thinking on important topics by entering into for respectful conversations with non-Western traditions of thought and art. 

 All of our students enjoy access to a dedicated study lounge, small tutorial sizes and specialised academic mentoring. Those who are successful in their scholarship application will be awarded 30,000 dollars per annum for up to five years and an international return airfare for an approved overseas experience as part of their studies. 

As a graduate of the Bachelor of Arts in Western Civilization at the University of Wollongong, you will have many options open to you for your future career  – whether it be in the arts, business, education or politics. We expect our graduates will lead the way in their respective fields. Our ambition is for these future leaders to be diverse, respectful, creative and critical thinkers who leave us equipped to tackle the challenges facing Australia and the world. 

The UOW Liberal Arts experience

Those successful in their UOW Ramsay Scholarship application will be awarded $32,000 per annum for up to five years.

Entry into this course is based on a combination of academic performance, a written essay, and an interview.

Visit the School of Liberal Arts website for key dates, the essay topics, and how to apply.

Applicants are also encouraged to apply for a UOW Ramsay Scholarship

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The Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation has generously donated thirty unique scholarship opportunities of $32,000 per annum for up to five years. This covers a full range of study options including; a 3 year single degree; a 3 year degree plus an honours year; or a full 5-year double-degree program.

The UOW Ramsay Scholarship recipients will enjoy access to a dedicated study lounge, small class sizes, academic mentoring, and an opportunity to engage in a bespoke scholarly experience.  

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Bernardo Ainbinder talking with students

Become one of the world's most employable graduates

Graduates of the Bachelor of Arts in Western Civilisation will be well-rounded freethinkers. They will be erudite and articulate; creative and critical. They will value and be capable of virtuous, civil and productive conversation.

The employment and life prospects for graduates with this set of attributes are excellent. There is a demonstrated demand in Australia and globally for graduates who can think critically and creatively and possess excellent social skills.

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The Bachelor of Arts in Western Civilisation is an engaging degree that encourages deep contemplation. The small class sizes and constant opportunity for discussion fosters a strong sense of community within the cohort. Student Bachelor of Arts in Western Civilisation

A world class university

Studying for the BA in Western Civilization at UOW offers a rare chance to enjoy the best of two worlds: a distinct small liberal arts college experience with all the benefits of a contemporary Australian university degree. Sitting in the top 1% of universities worldwide, UOW affords very rich resources through is world-class academics – resources which are not readily available at smaller, free-standing liberal arts colleges

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[Professor Theo Farrell - Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)] If you become a UOW Ramsay scholar, you'll be among some of the brightest humanities students in Australia.
We've got absolutely fantastic teaching facilities here on campus and you're going to be studying a unique curriculum in a small classroom setting, and this means that you're going to have very
close contact with our world-leading academics, and the opportunity to engage in really robust debate with your fellow students.
[Dr Glenda Satne - Senior Lecturer] This program provides our students with a very specific set of skills that allows them to engage with future societies and novel problems. It does this by providing them with close mentorship as well as very intensive academic training, and also the opportunity to engage with a wider global community of liberal arts academics. 
[Ines Hipolito - current student]
I feel quite excited that I take part of this vast research network, that's quite international, where I get to engage with conferences and events and workshops that we organize here. And I get to do that surrounded by this beautiful campus!