Subject adjustments

How they work

At UOW, we're all about rewarding hard work. We know that if you've done well in HSC subjects that are relevant to your chosen undergraduate course, you'll be better prepared for uni. With subject adjustments, you can earn an extra three ATAR points by excelling in relevant Year 12 subjects.


If you complete your HSC in the year prior to admission, receive an ATAR and do well in relevant subjects – you're eligible. Please note that UOW only awards subject adjustment points for undergraduate degrees that start in Autumn (February) session.


It’s all automatic. Subject adjustments are handled by UAC. If you've chosen a UOW undergraduate course through UAC and perform well in an HSC subject that is in the specified band, points will be automatically added for that UOW preference.


Live across the border? No problem. Check UAC to find out how your marks are converted into bands and calculate away.

Calculate your Subject Adjustment.


You can earn a maximum of three extra points for each UOW preference. The number of points awarded is specific to each individual UOW undergraduate course, so if you select several UOW degrees as preferences, you may have a different admission ranking for each preference, depending on which HSC subjects you complete and your results in each subject.

Chris's scenario

Chris has completed the NSW HSC and received an ATAR of 89.

EXAMPLE: Because he did Legal Studies and applied for a Bachelor of Laws, he’s eligible for a maximum three extra points for that degree, bringing his ATAR up from 89 to 92.

Chris has an ATAR of 89

Chris's HSC CourseChris's performance bands
Chemistry Band 6
English Advanced Band 4
Mathematics Band 5
Geography Band 4
Legal Studies Band 5
Modern History Band 5

Chris's UAC Preferences at UOW

UAC CodeUOW DegreePoints to UOWATAR with subject adjustments (selection rank)
012345 B Laws Max of 3 92