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Elite Athlete Program

Engaging in high-level sports could make you eligible for UOW's Elite Athlete Program. We're dedicated to supporting your academic success while you study at UOW and simultaneously excel as an elite athlete in your chosen sport.

UOW is part of the Australian Institute of Sport Elite Athlete Education Network (EAEN), which supports Australia’s elite athletes to achieve academic excellence whilst also pursuing a sporting career. To be eligible for the Elite Athlete Program (sponsored by the Faculty of Business and Law) you need to meet the criteria set out by the Australian Institute of Sport.

UniActive stands at the forefront of supporting the University of Wollongong's commitment to fostering excellence in sports through its Elite Athlete Program. With a tailored approach aimed at enhancing support for student athletes, UniActive extends its support by providing specialised gym memberships and access to its state-of-the-art facilities on campus. The partnership between UniActive and the University's Elite Athlete Program embodies a shared dedication to nurturing the potential of athletes striving for greatness on and off the sports field.


Elite Athlete Program

Why apply for the Elite Athlete Program at UOW?

Balancing excellence on the field with success in the classroom is undoubtedly challenging. That's why the UOW Elite Athlete Program is here to provide the support you need to thrive in both domains. We understand the demands of being an elite athlete and a dedicated student simultaneously. Our program is designed to offer tailored support, resources, and guidance to help you navigate this delicate balance. Whether it's flexible study arrangements or help from academic advisors who understand your unique challenges, our program is committed to ensuring you have the tools and support necessary to excel both on the sports field and in the classroom.

Adjustment factors

The University of Wollongong recognises and supports your talent as an elite athlete. Did you know that, by being accepted into the UOW Elite Athlete Program, you may be eligible for up to three adjustment factors, making your selection rank more competitive?
To apply, you must first submit a UAC application or a UOW early admissions application, and then complete the online Elite Athlete Program application.

The UOW Elite Athlete program offers students the following:

  • Academic support – advocacy for the student-athlete and advice on academic planning
  • Career planning and guidance – resume and Linkedin guidance, support around graduate recruitment processes
  • Flexible study options – assessment, course or enrolment related needs
  • Industry connections and networking opportunities
  • Masterclasses – aimed at help students transition smoothly
  • Media support – participation in media promotions
  • Mentoring – personal tutors and PASS program

Who is Eligible? 

We are committed to helping you perform to your best ability academically, while studying at UOW, and as an elite athlete in your chosen sport. The EAEN is accessible to all current categorised athletes and coaches, Alumni athletes and emerging and developing athletes who have reached level 1-5 on the Athlete Categorisation table for an AIS funded sport. In practice this means you are an elite athlete engaged in training and/or competition at a national or international level.

If you are an athlete or coach and want to access the support identified within the guiding principles outlined above, you must be identified and recognised, or be a member of one of the following organisations as an 'elite athlete or coach.'

Note: It is recognised that the implementation of this policy document relies heavily on the accurate identification of athletes and coaches as being elite. While the majority of elite athletes within Australia will be either their National Sporting Organisation (NSO) categorised athlete list and/or on scholarship within the network of institutes and academies of sport around Australia, there are many athletes that may fall outside of this cohort.

Prospective students applying to study at the University of Wollongong can apply for elite athlete status. To be considered for eligibility you must be competing at a national or international level and recognised as an elite athlete by one of the following:

  • Australian Institute of Sport (AIS)
  • State Industries/Academies of Sport
  • National Sporting Organisations

Alternatively, you must be a national squad member from Australian Sports Commission funded sports. If an athlete is not recognised by one of the above they may submit an application for consideration to the Elite Athlete Program Manager.

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The Elite Athlete Program enables me to effectively manage my study and sporting commitments, empowering me to perform at my best in both the classroom and on the field. The Elite Athlete team offers excellent support in navigating all aspects of university life. Max Riolo Cronulla Sharks | NRL
The Elite Athlete Program offers flexibility in balancing both my academics and football performance. The program provides me with the opportunity to divide my focus between these two areas by allowing me to tailor my academic schedule, enabling me to attend my sporting commitments. This ensures the best possible performance and success in both University and on the sporting field. Samantha Emms Illawarra Stingrays | NPL

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Please share your high-level sporting achievements and goals to gain the support needed to succeed in your course.

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If you have any questions about the program or the application process please do not hesitate to contact the Elite Athlete Program Manager at: