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Phone: + 61 2 4221 3555


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Kooloobong Village

Associate Director, Student Residence: Ron Fogarty 
Senior Manger, Student Residence: Tara Sailor, Rowena Sullivan
Manager, Student Residence: Vinay Varghese

Phone: +61 2 4221 4770


Bangalay & Graduate House

Associate Director, Student Residence: Simon O'Dea
Senior Manger, Student Residence: Mark Potgieter 
Manager, Student Residence: Thidarat Thongdang

Phone: +61 2 4221 5556

Campus East

Associate Director, Student Residence: Grant Jacobs
Senior Manger, Student Residence: Liz Clark
Manager, Student Residence: Rachael Phillips

Phone: +61 2 4221 3351



Associate Director, Student Residence: Grant Jacobs
Manager, Student Residence: Eleanor Smith

Phone: +61 2 4221 5250