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Below is a list of all activities recognised by UOWx which will help you develop key employability skills to stand out when you graduate. Please use the filter function to narrow your search.

Co-curricular activities

Co-curricular activities help you to expand on the skills and knowledge you develop through your academic coursework. These experiences are
vitally important for you to stand out as a graduate and allow you to develop personally and professionally in preparation for your life after university.

There are many activities on offer at UOW. Each activity has met the UOWx Eligibility Framework, which guarantees that you will have the opportunity to receive training, develop key employability skills, and reflect on your learning. 

Use our Skills Self- Assessment Tool to find out how you score in each of the Learning Streams. 

Beyond UOW activities (external engagement)

At UOWx we want to recognise not just your participation in UOW activities and workshops, but also your achievements outside of university. If you have engaged in volunteering in an external organisation, been a part of training or learning outside of UOW or attended workshops or seminars in your own time, you can apply for UOWx recognition. External engagement recognition can be including in your application for Learning Stream Awards.

If you wish to volunteer for a charity organisation, we have also partnered with multiple organisations to provide students with the opportunity to help out in the community and get UOWx recognised for your time.

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