Workshop, conference and seminar recognition

Attending workshops, conferences and seminars are an excellent way to develop your knowledge, skills and networks.

You can receive formal recognition of your learning by adding your active participation in a workshop, conference or seminar to your UOWx record. To be eligible for recognition, each seminar must:

  • cover at least 2 hours of content;
  • offer an introduction/briefing that provides the background knowledge/context; and
  • address a minimum of one Learning Stream  

How do I add this to my UOWx record?

In order to have your active participation recognised, you will need to complete the seminar recognition form.

You will be required to explain how the seminar developed your skills and provide verification of your attendance/completion. This could include a registration invoice/participation certificate or verification letter from the seminar provider. 

If you are graduating in 2022, please note: to ensure your Seminar/Workshop/ Conference is added to your UOWx Record, you must apply by the following dates:

  • Trimester 1 Graduation - apply by 6 May 2022
  • Autumn Graduation - apply by 10 June 2022
  • Trimester 2 Graduation - apply by 2 September 2022
  • Spring & Trimester 3 Graduation - apply by 4 November 2022

Complete the workshop, conference & seminar recognition form

Please note: workshops, conferences or seminars run by an external organisation will be de-identified on your UOWx record. These workshops will be allocated to one of the following sub categories: academic, employability, industry, leadership or special interest and this sub category will appear on your UOWx record. 

Can't attend a seminar in person?

If you're unable to attend a face-to-face seminar, you also have the option of completing an online seminar or MOOC. The online seminar must meet the same eligibility requirements as the face-to-face seminars. Providers such as EdX, Coursera and Future Learn offer a fantastic range of courses that can develop your leadership, academic or employability skills.

Examples of internal workshops, conferences and seminars you can attend include