About us

The School of Chemistry and Molecular Bioscience (SCMB) is a new school that will serve our communities better by integrating molecular sciences research and teaching.

The University wishes to see the school cultivate a dynamic collaborative research, teaching and learning environment that leverages the combined strengths of its disciplines. SCMB is an amalgamation of elements of the former Schools of Biological Sciences and Chemistry. The constituent components of SCMB and its undergraduate and postgraduate courses include all disciplines of Chemistry, as well Biomedical Sciences including Biochemistry, Molecular Biophysics, Microbiology and Cell and Molecular Biology.

SCMB staff members are world-class academics and researchers with substantial external funding. Many of our staff are international leaders in their fields and have key relationships with colleagues in other institutions and industries across the world. Staff members have been very successful in winning competitive research grants at a national level, and in attracting industry partnerships and funding. In the space of learning and teaching there have been many successes connected to the faculty, including awards that recognise innovation and creativity in education, and excellence in empowering students in the use of technologies.

Chemistry is the study of the molecular nature of all matter and its interactions. The relationship between molecular structures and their properties and reactivity give chemistry an essential, central position in science and technology. Chemistry is key to making new medicines, developing new materials and fuels as well as understanding biological processes at the molecular scale.

Notable UOW research strengths in SCMB map closely into Molecular Horizons, which comprises of approximately 40 research groups led by Faculty staff and externally-funded fellows. In line with this is construction of a new $80M Molecular Horizons research facility, which was completed in 2019, and is now home to many SCMB researchers.