School of Chemistry and Molecular Bioscience

The School of Chemistry and Molecular Bioscience (SCMB) integrates molecular science research and teaching. We have world-class facilities and internationally recognised expertise to conduct fundamental and applied research spanning all areas of Chemistry and Molecular Sciences. The Excellence in Research for Australia awarded us a five star rank in Chemistry, Biochemistry and Cell Biology in the most recent evaluations. 

Our teaching builds on our research strengths and trains graduates in modern teaching facilities to provide hands-on skills in cutting-edge techniques. We collaborate with universities, research institutes, and a range of industrial partners, including pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, government science organisations, hospitals, and pathology laboratories. In addition, opportunities are available for our students to study overseas, complete internships and undertake mentoring programs in academia and industry.

HSC Chemistry Workshops

Our Year 12 HSC Chemistry workshops give opportunity to HSC students to perform experiments and observe demonstrations linked to the HSC syllabus that are generally not performed in school. Workshops for 2024 will be held in July.

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How 3D printing has made chemistry more accessible for visually-impaired students

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Associate Professor Aaron Oakley holds an example of the 3D chemistry model. Next to him is student Karlee Symonds and Dr Patrick McClosker, who helps Karlee in the lab. They are situated in a laboratory and are all smiling. Photo: Paul Jones