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Graduate School of Medicine Contacts

Future student enquiries:

P: 4429 1502

Current student enquiries:

P: 1300 275 869

School office:

P: 4221 5905

Honorary Clinical Academic Appointments:

P: 4221 5905



Dean of Medicine
Associate Professor Spiros Miyakis, Director of Teaching Hospitals

Professor David J. Adams, CEO and Executive Director, IHMRI
Professor Andrew Bonney, Roberta Williams Chair of General Practice
Professor Judy Mullan
Professor Nagesh Pai, Professor of Psychiatry
Professor Wilf Yeo, Professor of Medicine & Clinical Pharmacology

Associate Professors
Associate Professor Bruce Ashford, Associate Professor Surgery (Research)
Associate Professor Daniel Brungs, Principal Research Fellow
Associate Professor Warren Davis, Academic Leader: Maternal and Women’s Health
Associate Professor David Garne, Director: Community, Primary, Remote & Rural
Associate Professor Kylie Mansfield, Director of Curriculum
Associate Professor Spiros Miyakis, Associate Professor: Medicine, Chair: Phase 4
Associate Professor Bindumol Murali, Obstetrics & Gynaecology 
Associate Professor Lyndal Parker-Newlyn, Associate Professor: Medical Education, Academic Leader: Admissions
Associate Professor Tim Skyring, Academic Leader: Surgery
Associate Professor Hunter Watt, Academic Leader: Surgery
Associate Professor John Barnett, Clinical Director: Bowral
Associate Professor Jean Collie, Director of Medical Education: Clarence Valley Regional Training Hub
Associate Professor Rowena Ivers - Academic Leader: Community Based Health Education

Regional Academic Leaders & Directors
Dr Neale Somes, Regional Academic Leader: Forbes/Orange
Dr Matthew Allan, Regional Academic Leader: Milton/Ulladulla
Dr Ann Tosomeen, Regional Academic Leader: Lismore
Dr Alastair McInnes, Regional Academic Leader: Grafton/Maclean  
Dr John Moran, Regional Academic Leader: Murwillumbah 
Dr Russell Pearson, Regional Academic Leader: Shoalhaven
Dr Marion Reeves, Regional Academic Leader: Murrumbidgee 
Dr Geoffrey Sparkes, Regional Academic Leader: Southern Highlands  
Dr John Wenham, Regional Academic Leader: Broken Hill 
Dr Lyndell Carter, Academic Leader: Regional Clinical Training Shoalhaven
Dr H. John Fardy, Regional Hospital Academic Leader: Illawarra 
Dr Joe Kent, Regional Academic Leader: Illawarra
Dr Tim Jones, Regional Academic Leader: Mudgee
Jenny Marchant, Placement Facilitator, Mudgee
Darren Borger, Placement Facilitator, Forbes
Kelly Dal Broi, Placement Facilitator, Murrumbidgee
Nicole Lemon, Placement Facilitator, Milton
Robyn Phillips, Placement Facilitator, Broken Hill

Senior Lecturers
Dr Irshad Ali, Clinical Education (Southern Highlands) 
Dr Mark De Souza, Child & Adolescent Health 
Dr Karen Fildes, Medical Sciences
Dr Joshua Florida, Maternal & Women's Health 
Dr Lou Gaetani,  Pharmacology & Therapeutics 
Dr Taff Hughes, Clinical Education Shoalhaven Hospital 
Dr Theresa Larkin, Medical Sciences (Anatomy) 
Dr Darryl McAndrew, Medical Sciences (Anatomy), Head of Students
Dr Joanne Morris, Paediatrics 
Dr Gregory Peoples, Medical Sciences and Phase 1 Chair
Dr Beverley Rayers, Mental Health 
Dr Helen Rienits, Academic Leader: Clinical Skills
Dr Sal Sanzone, Clinical Skills & Medical Education, Deputy Academic Leader: Admissions 
Dr Sue Thomas, Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences
Dr Brooke Thompson, Child and Adolescent Health
Dr Alison Tomlin
Dr Teresa Treweek, Medical Sciences; Academic Leader: Phase 1 
Dr Coralie Wilson, Academic Leader: Personal and Professional Development
Dr Christopher Darragh, Senior Lecturer: Medical Education
Dr Rebekah Hoffman, Senior Lecturer: Medical Education
Dr Corinne Lanfstaff, Senior Lecturer, Academic Leader: Child and Adolescent Health, Chair Phase 2
Dr Simone Trist, Senior Lecturer, Academic Leader: Child and Adolescent Health

Associate Lecturers 
Dr Darren Foo, General Practice Academic Registrar

Dr Pippa Burns, Research and Critical Analysis 
Dr Kerry Dawes, Mental Health
Dr Sanaz Khanlari, Clinical Skills
Dr Megan Kelly
Dr Christine Metusela
Dr Jessica Nealon, Medical Sciences (Neuroscience)

Research Fellows
Dr Diane Harland, Medical Sciences and Implementation Science
Dr Amarinder Singh Thind, Research Fellow - Bioinformatician 

Sarah Perez, Curriculum Officer, Learning & Teaching
R: 28.G01F
P: +61 2 4221 4317

Karishma Parmar, Assistant to the Dean of Medicine
R: 28.124
P: +61 2 4221 4366

Amy Rupa, Administrative Assistant, Learning & Teaching
R: 28.G01F
P: +61 2 4221 5505

Clinical Placement and Teaching Hospitals

Grant Turner - Manager, Clinical Placements
R: 41.139/Wollongong Hospital
P: 02 4221 4936

Jenny Deura, Operations Manager, Student Placements
R: 41.139/Wollongong Hospital
P: +61 2 4221 3990 

Kylie Corr, Administrative Assistant, Rural Clinical School Shoalhaven
R: 304.G05
P: +61 2 4429 1510

Carol Kendall, Coordinator, Electives
R: 41.139/Wollongong Hospital
P: +61 2 4221 3618 

Tracey Metcalfe, Clinical Placement Assistant
R: 41.139/Wollongong Hospital
P: +61 2 4221 3957 

Rachael Taylor, Clinical Placement Assistant: Shoalhaven
R: Shoalhaven Hospital
P: +61 2 4429 1529


Clinical Skills  

Roslyn Smith, Manager, Clinical Skills
R: 28.128
P: +61 2 4239 2527

Taleitha Atkins, Clinical Skills
R: Shoalhaven, Bldg 304
P: +612 4229 1510

Renee Callender, Technician, Clinical Skills
R: 28.102
P: 4221 3839

Bernadette Copp, Clinical Skills Support Officer
R: Shoalhaven, Bld 304 G14
P: +612 4239 3196

Christopher Darragh, Clinical Skills
R: Shoalhaven; Bld 304
P: +612 4229 1510

Debbie Lawrence, Clinical Skills Support Officer
R: 304.G05E
P: +61 2 4298 1501

Skye Macleod, Clinical Skills
R: Shoalhaven, Bldg 304
P: +612 4229 1510

Jenny Tompson, Technician, Clinical Skills
R: Shoalhaven
P: +61 2 4229 1511

Shawn Tyler, Coordinator, Volunteers
R: 28.128
P: +61 2 4221 5627


Ryan Anthony, Research Assistant

Josie Atkinson

Dr Igwe Ezinne, Research Associate

Kristy Pierce, Research Officer: General Practice Academic Unit
R: 28.G02
P: +61 2 4239 2132

Beck Thorne, Research Officer, General Practice Academic Unit
R: 28.G02
P: +61 2 4221 5992

Shae-Leigh Vella, Senior Research Assistant to Professor Psychiatry 
R: 28.G05
P: +61 2 4221 5790


Community, Primary, Remote and Rural

Belinda Smith, Manager, Community, Primary, Remote & Rural
R: 28.114
P: +61 2 4221 4755

Jade Rowland (Thomas), Rural Clinical School
R: 304.G05B
P: +61 2 4221 3949

Leanne Betts, Clinical Training Coordinator, Shoalhaven
R: Shoalhaven Hospital
P: +61 2 4229 1504

Alice Campbell-Jones, Placement Facilitator, Southern Highlands
R: Bowral
P: +61 2 4861 1571

Joanne Chad, Program Coordinator, Regional Training Hub
R: Grafton Base Hospital
P: 0438 265 9

Sharon Gray, Indigenous Health Project Officer
R: 28.G09
P: +61 2 4221 3020

Tamica Haines, Administrative Assistant, Bowral
R: Bowral
P: +61 2 4221 4699

Cassandra Healey, Community Placement Facilitator, Illawarra
R: 28.128
P: +61 2 4221 5028

Rebekah Hermann, Placement Facilitator, Lismore
R: Lismore
P: 6624 0350

Liz Melleuish, Phase 3 Coordinator
R: Shoalhaven Hospital
P: +61 2 4229 1525

Brody Martin
R: Grafton Base Hospital
P: +61 2 6641 8903

Lindy Southon, Placement Facilitator, Murwillumbah
R: Murwillumbah
P: +61 2 4239 2290