About us

About the Centre for Atmospheric Chemistry

Research at the Centre for Atmospheric Chemistry is focused on atmospheric trace-gas atmosphere/biosphere exchange, aerosol chemistry and long term changes in atmospheric composition - from local to global scales.

The Centre for Atmospheric Chemistry maintains a strong measurement focus with a wide portfolio of research including in-situ measurements for characterising sources of emissions to the atmosphere (e.g., from agricultural activities, fires, etc.) and remote sensing measurements of gases and aerosols for understanding regional-scale atmospheric composition changes. More recently we have strengthened our modelling portfolio to include regional and global chemical transport modelling. Laboratory studies utilise numerous modern techniques including tunable laser systems and mass spectrometry. We collaborate widely in Australian and international atmospheric science communities including other universities, CSIRO, ANSTO, the Bureau of Meteorology, federal and state government departments and international networks.

The Centre for Atmospheric Chemistry is always looking for exciting opportunities to collaborate with other research groups in order to expand our capabilities and grow our research team. Group funding helps support research internships for high-quality students and seed funding to explore new collaborations.


We are always open to inquiries from prospective undergraduate, honours and PhD students interested in pursuing research in atmospheric chemistry. Key contacts are listed on each of the major research pages -- if you have a desire to work in one of these specific areas, please contact the person mentioned.

For general enquiries regarding research opportunities within Atmospheric Chemistry, please contact  Clare Murphy,  Jenny Fisher or Nicholas Deutscher.

In general, PhD scholarships are available through the University of Wollongong, and the application dates are given on the University of Wollongong website.